Fake Pokémon Switch clickbait videos on YouTube easily rack up millions of views

It could be a while before we get any substantial news on the first core console Pokémon RPG and Generation 8 Pokémon, but that hasn’t stopped people from sharing rumors of all sorts. There are a number of YouTube videos with clickbait titles that easily rack up millions of views. These videos, of course, consist of fake footage and completely unconfirmed information, but still manage to draw the attention of millions of Pokémon fans. Read on below to learn more about this problem from Polygon editor Daniel Friedman:

The trailer revealing Pokémon Past and Pokémon Future for the Nintendo Switch offered just about everything a Pokémon fan could want: adorable new starter Pokémon, majestic new box-cover legendaries and high-definition graphics. It would include two new adventures in a shared world that would take place a hundred years apart, depending on which version of the game you picked.

It’s easy to see why the trailer has racked up nearly 2.5 million views on YouTube.

But if you take a second look at the trailer, you might notice a mouse cursor on the screen during the in-game battle footage. You might also notice that the video isn’t posted from an official Nintendo account. And then you might realize that the video is a hoax.

This fake trailer has a post date of April 1, and it could potentially be defended as an April Fool’s joke. But there is no attempt made to parody the Pokémon games; the only thing about it that might be perceived as funny is the possibility that some unsophisticated viewer might believe this is real. Nobody who clicked on the video did it for a laugh; they clicked because they thought it was the new Pokémon game.

The Pokemon Past and Pokémon Future “trailer” is still up, long after April Fool’s, and it still has ads enabled. YouTube has had a clickbait problem for a long time, but for the past few years, that problem has been felt acutely in the world of Pokémon.


I’ve been on a bit of a Pokémon kick lately, and a recent project I decided to undertake was a soft-reset hunt for a shiny Landorus with a competitive nature.

After I got one, I searched YouTube for videos about how to build and outfit my fancy new bud. I found a couple of videos by creators that I don’t usually see in more generic searches for Pokémon content.

One video that popped up was from Wolfe Glick, the 2016 Pokémon world champion and one of the most accomplished competitive players in North America. Glick’s 20-minute video about Landorus goes over every detail of the Pokémon: its best movesets, which held items to use on it and which opponents Landorous should fear.

Glick has a respectable 62,000 subscribers on YouTube, but that is a much smaller number than you’d normally expect to see from an esports star in a competitive game with millions of fans. The Landorus video — a comprehensive breakdown of the best competitive Pokémon from one of the best competitive players — has about 25,000 views.

Source: Polygon.com


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