New video: Game Freak’s Pokémon Challenge – True or False?

The Pokémon Company recently caught up with Game Freak’s Kazumasa Iwao and Shigeru Ohmori to play another Pokémon-themed challenge, titled Pokémon Challenge: True or False? Will Iwao and Ohmori correctly answer all the Pokémon-related true or false questions? Check out any of the videos below to find out:

“We put Shigeru Ohmori’s and Kazumasa Iwao’s Pokémon knowledge to the test with an extra-tricky Pokédex challenge! Their mission: to identify which of our facts are true…and which are false!

Abbiamo messo a dura prova la preparazione di Shigeru Ohmori e Kazumasa Iwao sui Pokémon con una sfida Pokédex difficilissima! Il loro obiettivo è riconoscere quali delle nostre affermazioni sono vere… e quali no!

Source: @Pokemon and @PokemonIT


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