Pokémon GO Special Weekend recap: New event medal, rare Pokémon spawns, Unown, Shiny Mareep, Shiny Dratini, no network issues and more in Korea

Pokémon GO Special Weekend event recently took place in Korea. It was similar to the one that was recently held in Japan, featuring special spawns of certain letters of Unown, Dratini, Farfetch’d, Chansey, Mareep and other rare Pokémon. The ticket exchange for the Korean event took place on July 29 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time. It actually started 30 minutes before expected, so fans had even more time to participate. Korean sponsors included three major companies in Korea: 7-Eleven, Lotteria and SK telecom. The following recap summary was provided by a fellow Pokémon fan and Pokémon GO Special Weekend attendee in Korea:

  • It was very awesome and very successful event for our local community
  • Many people visited to sponsor’s store very often and purchased their stuff before this event
    • At 7-Eleven, fans who purchased over 4,000KRW received the code via the 7-Eleven app
    • At T world, fans who asked store staff received the QR code ticket
    • At Lotteria, fans who purchased a T-REX Burger received the QR code ticket
  • All QR/Passcodes can check-in at any sponsor’s PokéStop; fans didn’t need to claim the ticket at same sponsor
  • The event started 30 minutes earlier
  • A new Event Medal was available
  • No network or game troubles throughout the event
  • After checked in, Rare Pokémon spawns were made available everywhere
  • Exclusive Pokemon: Unown letters S, L, T, Mareep, Dratini and Chansey
  • Double Catching XP during this event
  • Shiny rate was increased, Shiny Mareep and Shiny Dratini spawned often

Thank you for the tips, Fumiyasu Miura.


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