Massive Pokémon GO player base is at 60 million active users, 20 million more than Uber

Pokémon GO may never be as popular again as it was in 2016, when around 300 million people were playing it simultaneously. But there are still 60 million active users globally, and they are enough to make Niantic‘s immensely-popular mobile game a billion-dollar business. By comparison, Uber has 40 million active users.

“We got a great letter recently,” says Niantic CEO John Hanke. “We get these all the time so I feel weird calling out one. It was a mom who had a kid recovering from cancer treatment and the family had adopted Pokémon Go as something they did together. She wrote this nice thank-you note to us about how it gets them outside and leads them to new places. They had taken a weekend trip somewhere and explored the city together. She capped it off by saying it was great for her son – it was giving him social confidence. It was many of the good things we hear [about the game] all rolled into one. That’s what keeps us going.”

Source: The Guardian


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