Today’s postponed Nintendo Direct will reportedly take place on September 14

Due to the recent earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan, Nintendo has decided to delay this week’s planned Nintendo Direct. The publisher will provide a new time and date in the near future. Needless to say, the Nintendo Direct in-store viewing at Nintendo NYC has also been postponed to a later date. According to a number of Nintendo fans who recently datamined Splatoon 2, the rescheduled Nintendo Direct will take place on September 14. Nintendo has yet to confirm new details regarding the upcoming broadcast, but stay tuned for any updates.

To coincide with the delay of the Nintendo Direct, the Ranked rotation pool with Starfish Mainstage that was supposed to start on September 7th has been removed. In addition, all current rotations are preset (instead of generated on-the-fly by the game) until September 14th.

The Salmon Run gear that was scheduled for September 7th has also been moved to September 14th. For those who are curious, the gear is a pair of orange flippers. Click here for images.

I think it is safe to say that the Direct will air next Thursday with the update arriving shortly after.



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