Ultra-realistic Pokémon artist details extensive process behind his creations

Die-hard Pokémon fan and concept artist Joshua Dunlop has been creating “ultra-realistic” Pokémon drawings. In a recent interview with the folks at Gaming Boulevard, Dunlop explains what exactly goes into the artistic process that ultimately results in the final product:

  • I’ll start by building up mood boards (collages) of reference material, nature has such weird and wonderful things to pull from.
  • I’ll then start sketching ideas out, playing with the design until I’m happy.
  • I’ll start to think about how I want the image laid out, and play with some compositional sketches
  • The next stop is Zbrush, a powerful 3D sculpting program. I’ll flesh out the creature using ZSpheres, which allow me to create a base to work from.
  • I’ll then begin to shape the creature until I’m happy. I’m always thinking about muscle shape and how the skin hangs on the body etc.
  • Next, I go into detail. This is usually a combination of freehand tools and alphas. Alphas are essentially texture photos I can use to create detail textures like scales on the surface of the model.
  • I then paint the model in Zbrush. I’ll use a combination of photo textures and hand painting.
  • Next, I move the model into Keyshot, a very easy to use real-time rendering software. Here I play with material and lighting.
  • I’ll render the whole thing out into a variety of passes, such as shadow, AO, highlights, etc and bring those into Photoshop.
  • In Photoshop I use a combination of Matte painting (using photos) and digital painting to build the image until I’m happy 🙂

To read this interview in its entirety, click here.

Source: Gaming Boulevard


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