Terminally ill cancer patient Chris Taylor got to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before passing away

A terminally ill cancer patient recently got to fulfill his wish of playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo heard about Chris Taylor’s story and decided to set up an arrangement to bring an early build of the game to Taylor’s house, where was bedridden. Taylor passed away last night after his long battle with cancer. His brother Zach has issued the following statement:

Today Chris passed away at around 5 pm est. He was surrounded by friends and family when it happened in the comfort of his own home. On behalf of him and our family we are extremely thankful for all the love and support Chris has gotten. You guys made it possible for his wish to come true. I hope chris’s memory lives on through all of us when we game. Just remember this once… everybody got together for the most genuine man I’ve ever known. He just wanted to get out there meet some people and play some games. Unfortunately, he can’t do that anymore so lets continue his legacy for him.

You can check out some pictures of his play session with the game in the embedded posts below:

Source: Chris Taylor @SpookyWoobler and Reddit.com


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