Ultra Beast plush are back in stock at the official Pokémon Center

The ever-expanding Poké Plush collection recently added several new additions in the form of Ultra Beasts at the Pokémon Center. They are Xurkitree Poké Plush – 15 1/2 In. for $32.99, Kartana Poké Plush – 18 In. for $14.99, Celesteela Poké Plush – 18 In. for $42.99, Guzzlord Poké Plush – 21 1/2 In. for $32.99, Stakataka Poké Plush – 12 In. for $32.99, Nihilego Poké Plush – 13 1/4 In. for $19.99, Poipole Poké Plush – 13 In. for $14.99, and Buzzwole Poké Plush – 20 In. for $42.99. Despite being ultra popular products, these plushies are back in stock and now available for purchase. To view the entire Ultra Beasts plush collection at the Pokémon Center, click here.

Source: PokemonCenter.com


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