New Pokémon Duel update version 6.2.5 now live on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire

A brand-new version of Pokémon Duel is now available across all iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. This update consists of version 6.2.5 and includes a variety of changes and new feature. The following figures have been updated:

Giratina Altered Forme

  • Remove Shadow Ability, adding new Distory Ability that moves Giratina one step further than Shadow and allows to move through Pokémon, while allowing Giratina to change form
  • Increases damage of Shadow Claw from 150 to 160
  • Increases damage of Hex from 70 to 100

Tapu Lele

  • Increases effectiveness of Psyshock from ☆☆ to ☆☆☆

Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir

  • Altered Ghost Sensor ability to block all types of Pokémon rather than just Ghost


  • Increases damage of Moonblast from 70 to 140


  • Changed effect of Imprison to make Pokémon with an Imprison marker spin a miss rather than a respin


  • Increases damage of Fire Blast from 70 to 140
  • Increases damage of Flamethrower from 50 to 80


  • Remove Light Screen and replace it with the Flame Kinesis move


  • Changed effect of Soul Burner ability to allow you to exclude all Pokémon with Branded markers on if you exclude Chandelure from the duel
  • Increases damage of Inferno from 110 to 130
  • Increases wheel size of Branded
  • Decreases wheel size of Miss


  • Alters the Harvest Festival ability to be activated on KO rather than exclusion from the duel


  • Increases wheel size of Destiny Bond
  • Decreased wheel size for Miss



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