Close look at Ditto Prism Star and Alolan Ninetales-GX from Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder

Finding the Stars of Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder. Get up close and personal with some of the most impressive cards from the upcoming Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder expansion.

With over 210 cards to collect, the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder, is the biggest Pokémon TCG expansion to date. If you’re excited to see some of the new cards, you’re in luck. Take a peek at some of the set’s most interesting cards, and then check back soon for even more, because there’s a lot to look forward to in this expansion!

Ditto Prism Star

The latest Ditto to appear in the Pokémon TCG is as Ditto as Ditto gets. Even as a Prism Star Pokémon, Ditto  has a wimpy 40 HP and no attack. But its Almighty Evolution Ability absolutely makes this Pokémon worthy of a spot in your deck—thanks to that Ability, Ditto  can evolve into any Stage 1 Pokémon. Use it for flexibility when you’re running more than one Evolution chain, or for a little bit of deception to disguise which Pokémon you’ll bring out next.

Alolan Ninetales-GX

It’s difficult to identify the best thing about Alolan Ninetales-GX when virtually everything about it is incredible. Let’s start at the top: the Pokémon has a fantastic 200 HP, capable of withstanding huge hits. Then, its Mysterious Guidance Ability lets you grab crucial Item cards from your deck when Alolan Ninetales-GX comes into play. We then move on to its Snowy Wind attack, which does decent damage against both your opponent’s Active Pokémon and one of their Benched Pokémon. And, last not but certainly not least, its Sublimation-GX attack immediately Knocks Out the opponent’s Active Pokémon if it’s an Ultra Beast, regardless of its HP. From head to tails, this card is ready for some serious battles.


The colorful Ultra Beast Blacephalon may look light-hearted, but as a Pokémon-GX, it could do some serious damage to your opponent. Its Bursting Burn attack does no direct damage, but it does leave your opponent’s Active Pokémon Burned and Confused, so it has to retreat or risk taking repeated damage each turn. For a more immediate effect, you can really ramp up Blacephalon-GX‘s Mind Blown attack! When you use this attack, you can remove any number of Fire Energy cards from all the Pokémon on your side of the battle, and put those cards in the Lost Zone to do 50 damage per card. (Just remember, cards that go to the Lost Zone are gone for the rest of the game!) If you find yourself falling behind, the Burst-GX attack can help you catch up by discarding one of your Prize cards—that’s one less Prize card you have to take to win the game. And as a bonus, if the Prize card happens to be an Energy card, you get to attach it to one of your Pokémon. Despite its appearance, this Ultra Beast isn’t clowning around!

Heat Factory Prism Star

This  Stadium card could prove very valuable if you’re running a deck that features a lot of Fire Energy. You can discard a Fire Energy card from your hand to draw 3 cards—a pretty nice trade-off, especially if you don’t need the Energy right away! Of course, since some Pokémon have attacks that can make use of Energy cards in the discard pile, this allows you to set up future attacks as well. Then there are Item cards such as Energy Retrieval and Energy Recycler that allow you to bring discarded Energy cards back. With proper planning, losing that Fire Energy card could be well worth the cost. Also, this  Stadium card (like the others in this expansion) cannot be knocked out of play by Item or Supporter cards, so your opponent will have to work a little bit harder to keep you from repeatedly benefiting from Heat Factory ‘s effects.


This recently discovered Mythical Pokémon makes its Pokémon TCG debut as a shocking Pokémon-GX. Thanks to its Thunderclap Zone Ability, your Pokémon have no Retreat Cost as long as they have Lightning Energy attached. This free retreat works well with the Plasma Fists attack, which hits hard but makes Zeraora-GX wait a turn before attacking again. With Thunderclap Zone, you can freely switch Zeraora-GX out for another strong Pokémon, so you never have to go a turn without attacking. And if you need to get a lot of Energy on your Pokémon in a hurry, the Full Voltage-GX attack allows you to grab five basic Energy cards from your discard pile to attach to your Pokémon however you like, a huge boost at any point during your match.

Thunder Mountain Prism Star

Like Zeraora-GX, Thunder Mountain  is a very valuable card in any Lightning-type deck. This Stadium card reduces attack costs by 1 Lightning Energy for all Lightning-type Pokémon, making it easier to pull off powerful attacks. Bear in mind that the effects of this card also benefit your opponent, so take note of what kind of deck they’re using before throwing this card into play. Thunder Mountain  has another fantastic trait—the effects of Item or Supporter cards your opponent plays will have no effect on this Stadium card. It’ll be more challenging for your opponent to get rid of this card when cards like Field Blower have no effect on it!


The Legendary Lugia-GX is the Pokémon to call when you need to get rid of your opponent’s Active Pokémon in a hurry. Its Lost Purge-GX attack instantly sends that Pokémon, along with all cards attached to it, to the Lost Zone. It’s an extremely effective way to get a heavy hitter out of the game permanently, though you won’t net any Prize cards. Lugia-GX’s Psychic attack costs 3 Colorless Energy and does a ton of damage when your opponent’s Active Pokémon is loaded up with Energy. Pelagic Blade hits hard, though it’s a bit pricey and can’t be used on consecutive turns—but if you can make it work, you’ll be racking up huge KOs.



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