New Ditto merchandise now available at official Pokémon Center and Amazon Japan

The Pokémon Company has unveiled a new batch of merchandise featuring Ditto for the official Pokémon Center in Japan. Available now at Pokémon Center locations and Amazon Japan, the new line consists of several unique products such as a beanbag cushions, a face towel and an acrylic charm collection. Read on below for more specific details:

Grape gumi metammon It is mon 800 yen 
bead cushion metamon It is monomon 3,000 yen (★) 
bead cushion It is going to be converted to Pikachu Mon 3,000 yen (★) 
2 stations Acrylic charm collection Metamon monon 600 yen 
※ All six types. The handle can not be chosen. 
Boston bag Megamon Monon 5,000 yen (★) 
Porch Metammon Mont 1,600 yen (★) 
Travel pouch Metamon Mam 2,200 yen (★) 
Mesh Pouch Metammon Mont 1,500 yen (★) 
Penpotch Menmon Monster 1,200 yen (★) 
PC · Tablet Case Metamon is Monmon 2,800 yen (★) 
Mug Cup with Lid Mamon Mamon Monon 1,400 yen (★) 
Masking Tape Metamon It is Mon 6 600 yen (★) 
A4 Clear File Metammon Mon 240 yen 
Croqui Book S Something Mammon 680 yen (★) 
A6 Memo metamon it is MON 400 yen 
A5 PET seal metamon it is 500 yen (★)
Blanket Metamon is Mon 3,000 yen (★) 
Die cut hand towel Metamon it is Mon 500 yen (★) 
Face towel Metamon monster 1,000 yen (★)

※ ★ items are scheduled to be accepted at “Pokemon Store” from October 27 (Saturday). The sales start date on “Pokemon Store” is scheduled to be November 3 (Saturday, congratulation), but the number has a limit, so if you planned quantity at the time of booking There is also. Please note.



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