Pikachu and Poké Ball donuts will be available at Mister Donut from November 16

The Pokémon Company is continuing its extensive partnership with Japanese fast food franchise Mister Donut to promote Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee in Japan. Fans can expect to see a whole range of Pokémon-themed items at Mister Donut over the next several months, such as exclusive merchandise and consumable food. Available now at Mister Donut locations in Japan, Kids Set meals come with Pikachu and Eevee keychains.

On November 16, the keychains will be swapped with a new collection for winter in the form of mugs that feature key art from the Pokémon Let’s Go games, which happen to launch on the same day. For a limited time, customers can receive special Pokémon Let’s Go stickers by purchasing a Kids Set meal while supplies last. Also on November 16, two Pokémon-themed donuts will be up for sale – one featuring Pikachu’s face (banana and chocolate flavored) and another with a Poké Ball (strawberry flavored) design.

Source: Mr. Donut @ misterdonut_jp and ちくわ 🐟ポケ垢 @qpOTXt7bmLZXs5F


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