Pokemon Let’s Go scores 82 on Metacritic

The review embargo has lifted for upcoming titles Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee meaning critics have now released their verdict on the game. Metacritic is a website that averages out all the review scores, giving people an overall judgement on the game.

After 23 reviews, the Pokemon Let’s Go games both sit at an 82 on Metacritic out of a possible 100. This means the games receive a green score, meaning the reviews are positive. Hooray!

Looking closer at the 23 reviews, 22 critics awarded the game a positive rating (above a score of 75), with only 1 critic awarded the game a mixed review with a score of 70. So overall, almost all critics have positive things to say about the upcoming Pokemon titles.

Source: Metacritic


3 thoughts on “Pokemon Let’s Go scores 82 on Metacritic

  1. Oh no! These are fake reviews. They must have been paid to like this game. lol

    I recommended you play the new Spyro game that came out today. It could even out beat Pokemon Let’s Go in sells. lol


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