Closer look at new Sigilyph-GX, Sceptile-GX, Genesect-GX and more from Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder

Bring the Thunder with Pokémon-GX. The Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder expansion serves up a wide range of Pokémon-GX options.

Pokémon-GX have become an important part of the Pokémon TCG since their debut in the Sun & Moon expansion. Nearly two years later, these Pokémon are still leading the charge in the Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder expansion. Check out some of the most interesting and brilliant Pokémon-GX that will look good in your next potent deck!

Myth Makers

Two Mythical Pokémon make an appearance in the Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder expansion, and both are sure to draw interest from players and collectors alike. Zeraora-GX makes its Pokémon TCG debut with a superb card that can contribute in a number of ways, from Energy acceleration to board manipulation to massive damage with its Plasma Fists attack. Genesect-GX returns with even more firepower, especially its 190-damage Break Buster-GX attack. Genesect-GX’s Double Drive Ability also opens up a host of creative strategy options by letting you attach two Pokémon Tool cards to it.

Go Big Green

The Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder expansion includes a bumper crop of Grass-type Pokémon-GX, each of which bring something a little bit different to battle. Shuckle-GX is an expert at Special Conditions, capable of leaving your opponent’s Active Pokémon Paralyzed or Poisoned. Sceptile-GX manipulates Energy, both by discarding your opponent’s Special Energy and by moving your own Energy around. And Virizion-GX can provide a balance of utility, defense, and damage. Any of them can help you cultivate a pretty powerful deck.

Massive Multipliers

One of most fun ways to construct decks is to find Pokémon with big damage potential through attack multipliers. In the Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder expansion, a number of the Pokémon-GX have such attacks, making them a place to start construction of your next big-time deck. Blacephalon-GX‘s Mind Blown attack can torch the opposing Pokémon by moving Fire Energy from any of your Pokémon to the Lost Zone, while Lugia-GX and Sigilyph-GX‘s attacks do big damage depending on the Energy attached to your opponent’s Active Pokémon. And don’t forget Mimikyu-GX, whose Let’s Snuggle and Fall attack piles on the damage depending on how much the opponent’s Active Pokémon has already taken.



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