Close look at the new Pokémon TCG cards for Charizard and Pokémon Communication from Sun & Moon—Team Up

New Pokémon TCG Cards Keep the Hits Coming. Turn up the heat during battle with Charizard and Pokémon Communication from the upcoming Sun & Moon—Team Up expansion.


Charizard is always a popular Pokémon, and its card in the Sun & Moon—Team Up expansion is definitely an interesting one. The Roaring Resolve Ability allows you to search your deck for up to two Fire Energy cards to attach to Charizard. Pretty nice, but there’s a downside—you must put two damage counters on Charizard first. This small hit to Charizard’s HP might be worth it, though. Its Continuous Blaze Ball attack does 30 base damage—but it also makes you discard all of Charizard’s attached Fire Energy and does 50 more damage for each of those cards. By sacrificing a bit of Charizard’s HP, you can potentially do a lot more damage—and we all know Charizard’s tough enough to take it!

Pokémon Communication

If you’ve played the Pokémon TCG, you’ve probably been in a situation where you have a Pokémon in your hand, but it’s not the one you need for your current situation. If only there were a way to swap out that Pokémon for one in your deck. Well, guess what, friends—Pokémon Communication has returned! When this card originally debuted almost 10 years ago, it proved to be a popular addition to many decks, even at the highest levels of competitive play. This Item card allows you to bring any Pokémon from your deck into your hand, in exchange for one you’re already holding. Now you’ll never be left wanting for the perfect partner to bring into battle.


With Incineroar-GX, you get ringside seats to one of the toughest Pokémon in the Sun & Moon—Team Up expansion. This ferocious Pokémon gets fired up with the Scar Charge Ability, which lets you attach up to 3 Darkness Energy cards to Incineroar-GX—as long as you put 3 damage counters on the Pokémon first. From there, it’s up to you to decide how to strike. Will you deal a clean 130 damage and knock a Special Energy off your target with Crushing Punch? Or is your goal to overwhelm the opposing Pokémon in a whirlwind of immense damage? Darkest Tornado-GX will let you do just that by utilizing all the damage that Incineroar-GX took from Scar Charge. Either way, this Pokémon is more than ready to help you earn that championship belt!

Erika’s Hospitality

Let your opponent roll out the red carpet for you when you play the Erika’s Hospitality Supporter card, which lets you draw a card for each of your opponent’s Pokémon in play. But there’s a catch—you can only use Erika’s Hospitality if you’re already a little light on cards in your own hand. After you play Erika’s Hospitality, be sure to graciously thank your opponent for the help they’ve provided…and then deliver your next massive attack!

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