Totodile Pokémon GO Community Day successfully concludes worldwide with no widespread issues

Niantic recently hosted the first Pokémon GO Community Day of 2019, which took place on January 12 in various territories across the globe. It featured increased spawns of Totodile, 3-hour Lures, 1/4 Egg hatch distance, an exclusive move for Feraligatr and more. Shiny Totodile, Shiny Croconaw and Shiny Feraligatr have also made their Pokémon GO debuts. Feraligatr and Shiny Feraligatr evolved during January Community Day learned the powerful Water-type attack Hydro Cannon. The latest Community Day Box was also made available with four Egg Incubators, one Lucky Egg, one Star Piece and 30 Ultra Balls for 480 PokéCoins. Check below to find out when event hours fell in your region of the world:


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