Nintendo says it has “a very high number” of female designers

Nintendo’s executives recently hosted a Q&A with investors in Japan. One investor asked about the number of women employed by the company. “Female gamers are growing in number year after year,” asked the investor, “but what is the proportion of female employees in your hardware and software development departments?” In response, Nintendo director Shinya Takahashi said this:

There are many female developers in the software development departments. Especially, there [is a lot of design work] involved in developing software, and a very high number of females among our designers. Many of them have children, and we have created an environment to work with comfort even for those who have children. I think that it is a very good workplace where women can participate actively and find satisfaction in their work.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto also chimed in:

There are also many females actively involved in development. The director of the Animal Crossing series is a woman, and there are many female designers working actively. When I had chances to look at other development companies in Europe and the US, they give the impression that they’re overwhelmingly male-dominated. Compared to companies like that, Nintendo has a lot of female developers energetically working.


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