Google adds Nintendo Switch controller support to Chrome

Google appears to be testing the compatibility of Google Chrome with Nintendo Switch controllers, including Joy-Cons and the Pro Controller – both in USB and Bluetooth modes. Read on below for additional details:

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can be paired over Bluetooth and used as a standard gamepad on desktop OSes. It is currently enumerated in Chrome but is unusable due to incorrect mappings for the D-pad and analog axes. Chrome should add a mapping for this popular device.

The Switch Pro controller is usable when connected by USB or Bluetooth, but defaults to a Bluetooth-only mode. This CL adds methods for recognizing Switch Pro controllers, sending the vendor-specific packets used for USB initialization and haptics, and reading controller data reports.

Chrome Unboxed, a site dedicated to Chrome OS news and updates, has also analysed the report and determined the following:

“From the looks of the commit and the included bug report, the [Google] team is working on getting the details ironed out to not only have the [Switch] controller noticed by the OS, but to allow Chrome to handle the actual implementation.”

Source: Nintendo Life


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