Pokémon Duel update version 7.0.10 now live, adds Aerodactyl as new log-in bonus, multiple new figures and more

A brand-new version of Pokémon Duel is now available for download across iOS, Kindle Fire and Android devices. This update consists of version 7.0.10, which implements a number of bug fixes and new figures. A number of figures have also been tweaked. There’s also a log-in bonus to get an Aerodactyl figure, as well as multiple new figures that have been released:

  • The UX figures are Mega Abomasnow, Mega Aerodactyl and Glaceon
  • The EX figures are Aerodactyl, Tyrantrum and Aurorus
  • The R figures are Abomasnow and Aerodactyl
  • The UC figures are Snover, Tyrunt and Amaura

Source: Serebii.net @SerebiiNet


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