Close look at Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX, Pheromosa & Buzzwole-GX, Reshiram & Charizard-GX, Muk & Alolan Muk-GX, Marshadow & Machamp-GX, Greninja & Zoroark-GX and Lucario & Melmetal-GX from Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Unbroken Bonds

See the TAG TEAM cards from the latest Pokémon TCG expansion, Sun & Moon—Unbroken Bonds. The latest Pokémon TCG expansion features seven new TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX, and we take a look at all of them.

The new Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Unbroken Bonds expansion is here, and once again, TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX are a major draw. These powerful cards sport loads of HP and potentially devastating attacks. It’s pretty easy to tell how important these new cards are to the game when there are three versions of each TAG TEAM to discover. Each is featured on two cards showing the TAG TEAM partners in different dynamic poses, plus a third full-art card. These special full-art cards feature striking simplified artwork with bold outlines that really stand out in your collection.

Most of these cards can be randomly found in Sun & Moon—Unbroken Bonds booster packs. See which ones you want to add to your lineup!

Pheromosa & Buzzwole-GX

As the stars of the first Ultra Beast TAG TEAM, Pheromosa and Buzzwole make quite a pair. They really stand out due to their wildly different physical appearances. Pheromosa is remarkably thin and pale, while Buzzwole is totally buffed out and brightly colored.

The duo’s differences are on full display in this card—just check out Buzzwole’s intimidating flexing. We’re certainly impressed, but the demure Pheromosa seemingly wants nothing to do with it.

Reshiram & Charizard-GX

Speaking of intimidating, the TAG TEAM pairing of the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram and the always awesome Charizard is a sight to behold. One of their cards depicts them pulling off their Double Blaze-GX attack to frightening effect. The piercing determination in their eyes and the direct focus of their blasts makes us feel sorry for any Pokémon they’re up against.

The team’s alternate-art card may not show them directly in battle, but judging by the fiery nightmare surrounding them, these two have no problem handling the heat—and watching each other’s backs at the same time. You won’t find this card in Sun & Moon—Unbroken Bonds booster packs. Instead, keep an eye out for the Pokémon TCG: Reshiram & Charizard-GX Figure Collection when it arrives in stores later this summer.

Muk & Alolan Muk-GX

It’s great to see a TAG TEAM card featuring a classic Pokémon alongside its Alolan counterpart. And what a colorful pair Muk and Alolan Muk make! The toxic purple of Muk provides a nice contrast to its bright, multi-colored partner. Despite their chromatic differences, these two seem perfectly happy to just hang out together and wallow in their ooziness.

Yes, even though they’re from different regions, Muk and Alolan Muk get along well. Both their alternate-art and full-art cards show them getting up close and personal with each other, whether they’re sliding out of the sewer system or simply striking a spooky pose.

Marshadow & Machamp-GX

Marshadow and Machamp make a striking duo thanks to their very obvious physical differences. Machamp is big and brawny, while the Mythical Pokémon Marshadow is tiny and adorable. Still, their TAG TEAM cards show what great buddies they are. Look at this card, which shows the pair delivering their Hundred-Blows Impact attack. Marshadow may not have the same muscle mass, but that fierce determination in its eyes shows that it’s ready to take on any battle that it and Machamp encounter.

Their alternate-art card shows the pugilistic pals taking a well-deserved break to enjoy the beauty of a sunset. Are they reflecting on a recent victory or looking forward to challenges to come? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Greninja & Zoroark-GX

Now, Greninja and Zoroark make for a well-matched TAG TEAM. They’re both roughly the same size, and they even have somewhat similar battle techniques. Greninja strikes from the shadows like a ninja, of course, while Zoroark weaves illusions to achieve victory. Just look how natural (and fierce!) these two appear when they’re in action side by side. We certainly wouldn’t want to get in their way.

This Darkness-type duo even agrees on the best way to relax after a bout. What better way to cool off both your mind and body than by retreating to the peaceful calm of nature and stretching out on a comfortable perch high in a tree? Greninja and Zoroark will soon be refreshed and ready to take on their next opponent!

Lucario & Melmetal-GX

Lucario and Melmetal may not be physically similar—Lucario is short and lithe, while Melmetal is huge and hulking—but they’re both fierce fighters with steely determination! Seeing these two in action on their card paints a picture of how a battle against them would go. Lucario seems to be leaping into the fray with a series of fast attacks while Melmetal delivers a Heavy Impact.

Their alternate-art card seems to show the TAG TEAM outside of battle, training hard together to prepare for whatever they must face in the future. Judging by their stances, they are clearly coordinated despite their size differences. It’s no wonder these Pokémon make such potent partners! You’ll be able to find this card in a special Pokémon TCG product coming later this year.

Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX

We typically think of TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX as being uncommonly strong, but when Gardevoir and Sylveon get together, we learn that they can also be uncommonly adorable. These two cuties look absolutely delighted to be paired together—just check out those infectious grins!

And if that image of Gardevoir and Sylveon wasn’t charming enough, get a load of their alternate-art card. The bright lights, the shimmering sparkles, the soft focus on the pair in their perfectly pretty poses! Play this card in the Pokémon TCG, and your opponent may have to forfeit due to a sudden onset of cavities as a result of all the sweetness on display.

Which of these beautiful TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX cards will you add to your collection? Whether you spot just one or two that catch your eye, or you’re a completionist who has to have them all, there’s a lot to enjoy in the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Unbroken Bonds expansion.

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