Meet Sawyer & Rachel, staff members of Prince Lear in Pokémon Masters

DeNA today unveiled a new trailer showing off new details about Pokémon Masters. The upcoming mobile game features a 3-on-3, real-time battling system where Trainers team up with their partner Pokémon to form sync pairs that can unleash powerful sync moves. Hone your battle skills by joining forces with two other players for cooperative play against AI opponents. During these co-op battles, players can unleash a devastating unity attack that isn’t available in the single-player mode. After assembling your dream team, see which Trainers can also appear in a special outfit called a sygna suit. Trainers in sygna suits have a different partner Pokémon than when they’re in their standard outfit.

In addition to all the familiar characters from throughout the history of Pokémon, Pokémon Masters also includes plenty of new original characters, including the mysterious Prince Lear, who created the Pokémon Masters League and built the artificial island of Pasio where the game takes place.

Professor Bellis

Professor Bellis is the Pokémon Professor on the artificial island of Pasio. She’s researching the relationship between Pokémon and sync stones, which are needed for sync moves.


Lear is a prince from some unknown country. Inspired by a past loss to a certain Trainer wearing a hat, he built the artificial island of Pasio and organized the Pokémon Masters League (PML) in order to conquer his own weakness.

Sawyer & Rachel

Sawyer supports Lear as part of his loyal staff. Rachel respects Lear for his single-minded seriousness, despite his arrogant nature.


Paulo is a rival Trainer who also aims to make it to the Pokémon Masters League (PML). An exceptional student with a strong sense of justice, he’s collecting badges just one step ahead of the main character.

Source: Official Pokémon Masters website


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