Pokémon Rumble Rush adds Empoleon, Garchomp, special missions, increased Pokémon storage and more

Empoleon and Garchomp Come to Pokémon Rumble Rush During October Updates. Empoleon and Garchomp make their debut in this mobile adventure, along with special missions, increased Pokémon storage, and more.

As you continue to travel across the uncharted islands in Pokémon Rumble Rush, be on the lookout—a pair of Pokémon are making their debut in the mobile game! You’ll have the opportunity to befriend Empoleon and Garchomp for the first time, and of course, their summon gears will also be available. Empoleon uses the Aqua Jet Gear, while Garchomp has its Earthquake Gear.

In addition to these Pokémon, there are a few more updates to the game. Previously, you couldn’t use Pokémon from previous seas when exploring new areas. Now, however, you will have no restrictions on which Pokémon you use on adventures.

If you’re overloaded with Pokémon, don’t worry! You can now use Poké Diamonds to increase the number of Pokémon you can store. Special tasks will now be available at Super Boss stages, and Poké Diamonds can be used to search stages, just like Guide Feathers can.

For those purchasing items from the in-game shop with real-world money, you’ll find that the Really Refining Set has been enhanced. When you purchase and use this set, you not only get one more ore-refining slot for three days—you’re also guaranteed to get an ore drop upon clearing a stage during that time.

So gear up, Trainers, and rush back into battle!

Source: Pokemon.com

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