Everything you need to know about the GO Battle League in Pokémon GO

Niantic recently revealed new details about the Pokémon GO Battle League, which is now being rolled out to millions of players around the world. Read on below to learn more:

GO Battle League

GO Battle League is a global matching system that lets you battle with other Trainers around the world, earn rewards, and improve your global ranking.
Note: This feature is only available to Trainers who are Level 10 and above.

Entering GO Battle League

To access GO Battle League:
  1. Tap the Main Menu  button
  2. Tap Battle 
Participation in GO Battle League requires unlocking a GO Battle League set, which grants you access to play a series of 5 matches. Your first GO Battle League set is unlocked for free, and you can unlock future sets by walking 5 km.
When you’ve walked 2 km, a “Battle Now” button will appear, giving you the option to unlock one set by spending PokéCoins. The cost to unlock a set decreases as you approach the 5 km walking goal.
You can view your progress towards earning a set on the Battle page, plus you’ll receive an in-app notification and see a red dot on the Main Menu’s Battle button when you’ve unlocked a set.
Note: Trainers can only unlock a maximum of 3 sets per day.

Selecting Rewards

Each win you achieve in a GO Battle League set yields a particular reward. You can unlock different rewards with each subsequent win in a single set. Before beginning a set, pick the type of rewards you wish to receive (Basic Rewards or Premium Rewards) before tapping Battle to begin searching for a match. You must exchange a Premium Battle Pass to receive Premium Rewards.


GO Battle League seasons are periods of time after which ranks and ratings are reset. Each season of GO Battle League will progress through Great, Ultra and Master League battles, but only one league will be available at a time.
All Trainers who participate in GO Battle League will receive end-of-season rewards. You can see when the current season will end under the “Current Season” section of the Battle screen.

Battling Other Trainers

Once you’ve selected your battle party, Pokémon GO will match you with another Trainer that is currently seeking a battle. Once you’re paired up and the battle begins, use Trainer Battle tactics to defeat your challenger.
Note: You cannot use two or more of the same species of Pokémon in a GO Battle League party.
Penalties for Leaving a Battle
Intentionally exiting a GO Battle League match results in an automatic loss for that match in the set. If you lose your internet connection or your app crashes unexpectedly, you may still be able to rejoin the battle by rebooting the app, but your opponent can continue attacking your Pokémon while you attempt to rejoin.
To avoid being at a disadvantage during your battle, please ensure you have a strong internet connection before starting a match. If you’re not moving around while you play, consider connecting to a reliable Wi-Fi network nearby to ensure your connection remains stable.

Ranks and Ratings

Trainers who participate in GO Battle League are assigned a rank, a measure of how many matches you’ve played and/or how many matches you’ve won. Once you attain a new rank, you cannot drop below it for the rest of the season. Ending a season with a higher rank results in better end-of-season rewards.
Note: Only Trainer Battles initiated by the GO Battle League global matching system will influence your GO Battle League Rank. Battling nearby Trainers through scanning a Battle Code, battling Friends through the Friends list, or training with Team Leaders will not influence your GO Battle League rank.
There are 10 possible ranks in GO Battle league, and how to increase your rank varies depending on your current ranking.
Ranks 1–3
In ranks 1–3, you can improve your rank simply by playing matches, regardless of whether you win or lose.
Ranks 4–6
Trainers in ranks 4–6 can improve their rank by winning battles; losses don’t count against one’s progress.
Ranks 7–9
Trainers who reach ranks 7–9 can see their rating, a number that indicates one’s performance in GO Battle League relative to other Trainers. Trainers in ranks 7–9 are matched with other Trainers according to their current rating for more competitive matches.
To reach higher ranks in this category, you must increase your matchmaking rating. Losses won’t downgrade your rank, but they do lower your matchmaking rating, so you’ll need to maintain a relatively high win-loss ratio to increase your rank.
Rank 10
Rank 10 is the highest attainable rank. Trainers who reach rank 10 can continue defeating other Trainers in Go Battle League to increase their matchmaking rating.

Source: Official Pokémon GO support page

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