Wally and Gallade come to Pokémon Masters with new Fighting-type Training Event

DeNA is continuing to add more events and new features to Pokémon Masters on a regular basis. A new Spotlight Scout event featuring Wally and Gallade is on the way:

Wally & Gallade Come to Pokémon Masters with a Fighting-type Training Event. Boost the strength of your Fighting-type sync pairs, including Korrina & Lucario, which have a newly expanded sync grid.

Wally, a young Pokémon Trainer from the Hoenn region, is coming to Pasio along with his partner Pokémon Gallade. In addition to the arrival of this 5★ Fighting-type strike sync pair, fellow Fighting-type duo Korrina & Lucario are receiving an expanded sync grid. All this comes just in time for the start of a Fighting-type Training Event. Playing through this event is a great way to get training items to power up these two sync pairs!

Not only that, but there will be new missions, special deals on the Exchange Items menu, and log-in bonuses. Play often to take advantage of these while they last.

Pokémon Masters is available to download now, so don’t miss out on all the excitement! For more details, be sure to visit the Pokémon Masters official site.

Source: Pokemon.com

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