Pokémon Pink starring Clefairy rumored to be the unreleased companion game to Pokémon Yellow

New details have been revealed about a bunch of canceled Nintendo titles, including several that are related to the Pokémon franchise. Read on below to learn more about the rumored Pokémon Pink:

Pokemon Pink

A rumored datamine alludes to a ‘Pokemon Pink’, which may have been planned as a companion piece to the 1998’s Pikachu-focused Gen 1 spin-off, Pokemon Yellow. A screenshot has been surfacing of the alleged leaked source code, with the header referencing a Pink and a Yellow version of the game.

Twitter user SnorlaxMonster noted in a reply to the original tweet that a Japan-Only Game Boy Camera frame once featured Pikachu and Clefairy standing side by side, but this was changed into a Wario Land design for the European release of the peripheral:

Source: IGN.com

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