You can now gear up with Pokémon school supplies at the Pokémon Center

Campus Essentials from Pokémon Center Are Here! Back-to-School Essentials. We’ve got you covered for the year ahead. Shop backpacks, clothing, and more!

The official Pokémon Center is brimming with a wide variety of items for any Pokémon Trainer heading back to school! The Pokémon Campus Collection currently consists of more than 30 different items, ranging from stylish apparel, to decorated school gear, to colorful backpacks, to chic water bottles and much more! To view all the products featured as part of the official Pokémon Campus Collection at the Pokémon Center, click here.

Gear Up with Pokémon School Supplies ✏️📓

Check out school supplies for Trainers of all ages and enjoy free shipping with orders of 20+.

A+ Essentials
Level up your learning with notebooks, bags, and more.

Shop the Collection

  • Vulpix Frozen Forest Messenger Bag
  • Pikachu Classics Charge Journal
  • Gray Fleece Zip‑Up Jacket


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