Shiny Amoonguss based on the one used by Baik Jongyoon no longer available via Mystery Gift with the code TRA1NERSCUP in Pokémon Sword and Shield

The first official Pokémon VGC tournament in Korea recently kicked off with a special surprise. A distribution code for Shiny Amoonguss code was revealed during the Trainers Cup Finals on August 9. This Pokémon is based on the one used by Baik Jongyoon during the 2019 Pokémon World Championships.

This was a global Mystery Gift event and was available for only two days for all Pokémon Sword and Shield players. TRA1NERSCUP was the code to receive Shiny Amoonguss, which was redeemable until, August 10 at 14:59 UTC. The Shiny Amoonguss on offer is a level 50 Pokémon and is equipped with the moves Spore, Clear Smog, Rage Powder and Protect.

Amoonguss is probably the most dangerous Pokémon to be introduced into the metagame because of its strong support moves, like Rage Powder to protect its partner and Spore to put foes asleep. Receiving support from Max Moves like Max Airstream could make Amoonguss even more threatening because it can now more feasibly be trained in Speed while holding Focus Sash as an item. However, Amoonguss is also known to be helpful against Trick Room teams due to its low natural Speed and good defensive stats.


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