Official holiday 2020 gift guides now available for the Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center Holiday Collection was recently revealed for 2020 with new home decor, kitchenware, plush and more. Read on below to learn more:

Not sure what to get? Our Gift Guides are here to help!

Shop gifts under $25, stocking stuffers, products featuring popular Pokémon, and more!

Gifts Under $25

Browse popular items like cuddly plush and stylish accessories—all at perfect prices.

Five-Star Gifts

Don’t just take our word for it! Fans have been raving year-round about these top-rated items.

Popular Pokémon

Delight any Pokémon fan with gifts featuring some of the most beloved characters.

Stocking Stuffers

From pocket-sized TCG tins to key chain plush, these smaller gifts are sure to bring big smiles!

Cozy Gifts

Hygge like a pro with blankets, apparel, and accessories to keep you snug and warm.

Extraordinary Gifts

For gifts that go above and beyond, check out deluxe figures, video games, and more.

Sliding Celebrations

Pikachu places the final touches on the holiday tree in this month’s festive pin.

For more information about the holiday collection from Pokémon Center, please visit Trainers can also sign up at to receive updates on product availability for upcoming holiday items.

Source: The Pokémon Company International

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