Video: Nintendo minute hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang reveal the Nintendo Power Podcast Fan-Favorite Games of 2020

On the latest episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast, the hosts discuss fan-favorite Nintendo Switch games of 2020. Read on below to learn more:

Nintendo Switch Fan-Favorite Games of 2020 Revealed! | Nintendo Power Podcast

The holiday season is full of fun, time-honored traditions…like discussing the year’s most magnificent Nintendo Switch™ games! From Animal Crossing™: New Horizons and Super Mario 3D All-Stars™ to Hades, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and many more, fans chose from a long list of nominees to vote for their favorites. Now, it’s time for Chris and Nintendo Minute’s Kit and Krysta to reveal the winners in this special year-end episode.

0:00 – Nintendo Power Podcast Intro
01:37 – Merry Multiplayer
04:27 – Fresh Ideas
06:35 – Intense Action
10:31 – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Activity
13:48 – Spiffy Indie
19:45 – Great Graphics
22:53 – Super Soundtrack
27:36 – Sooo Relaxing
31:15 – What a Story!
36:25 – Cool Character
40:21 – Tough Challenge
45:14 – 35 Years of Super Mario!
48:38 – Players’ Game of the Year

Ending music is from Super Mario 3D World.

Games discussed have been rated EVERYONE to MATURE by the ESRB.
If you would like to share any feedback or ideas for the podcast, or submit a question to possibly be answered in a future episode, please email us at

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Vote for your favorite games of 2020 in the Nintendo Power Podcast poll!

Just for fun, the Nintendo Power Podcast team wants to hear which Nintendo Switch™ games from 2020 were YOUR favorites. Cast your votes by 9:00 pm PST on December 9th and hear the results in the year-end episode of Nintendo Power Podcast.

Vote now:

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