Pokemon Community Day: Snivy in the Spotlight

Mark your calendars, trainers, because Snivy, Unova’s serpentine starter, is coming to Pokemon Go on Sunday, April 11th!

While the grass-type snake Pokemon has been around for a while now, April’s Community Day will put Snivy up front-and-center, meaning that there are higher chances of finding a shiny variant of this Pokemon. Not only that, but if Snivy is evolved during the hours of the event, Serperior will learn the ultimate grass-type move, Frenzy Plant, a powerful move for trainers who love to battle. Even if trainers already own a Serperior, Community Days are great for adding to [your] collection: start your search for at least three shiny Snivy – one for each evolution!

Fun Fact: Did you know that when Servine evolved, it didn’t lose its hands? If you look at Serperior’s side and back profile, you’ll notice that just below its neck, there are two leaf-like hands tucked on either side. Serperior’s not called the Regal Pokemon for nothing! Even its posture demands respect on the battlefield!

And remember, trainers! Snivy will need 25 Snivy Pokemon Candy to evolve into Servine and an additional 100 Snivy Candy to complete its transition to Serperior. That’s 125 Snivy Candies total, and each snag yields 3 Snivy Candy, meaning that you’ll be needing to catch about 42 Snivy for one evolution set. Want to slice the amount of captures? Rack in some Pinap Berries to double the amount of candy per capture! Most of all, have fun, stay safe, and happy adventuring! Snivy and its family are just waiting to join your team!

So grab your favorite pair of walking shoes, a couple of Incense (they’ll last you three hours rather than the typical one!), and a lot of pokeballs! Don’t forget to clear out some space in your storage too because chances are, you’ll be running into a lot of Snivy on Sunday, and it’s best not to let even a single one get away!

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