Niantic has mitigated an issue in GO Battle League so that Trainers can no longer exit a match without penalty once they have seen their opponent in Pokémon GO

Niantic has updated the official GO Battle League Known Issues support page for Pokémon GO. Read on below to learn more:

GO Battle League Known Issues

Here is a list of issues related to GO Battle League that are currently being investigated by our engineering team. This list will be updated regularly, and issues will be added and removed as they are discovered and resolved. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of all issues we are aware of or working to fix. You can find the list of known issues unrelated to GO Battle League here.
To report a bug that isn’t listed here, or get one on one support, please submit a ticket in-app under the Settings menu, or see our article on how to best contact us for different issues.
Last updated: May 11, 2021
Trainers were able to quit a GO Battle League match after seeing their opponent.
Issue description: In the matchmaking screen, upon being matched with an opponent, Trainers were able to dodge a match with no penalty if they quickly closed and then restarted their application. Now, if a Trainer attempts to exit a battle after being matched, the battle will be counted as a loss unless the Trainer reopens the app and completes the battle.
Issue status: Mitigated in release (0.207)
Animation of Trainer throwing Poké Ball played repeatedly
Issue description: Occasionally, the animation of a Trainer throwing a Poké Ball will play repeatedly at the beginning of a match, even if the opponent switches Pokémon.
Issue status: Mitigated in release (0.205)
Effects on your or your opponent’s stats during battle do not clear and affect the new Pokèmon swapped in
Issue description: 
When a Trainer swaps out a Pokèmon while it has an active effect on your or your opponent’s stats, the effect does not clear and affects the new Pokèmon if the swap timer runs out.
Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release (0.209)

Trainers are unable to find a match
Issue description:
 When GO Battle League usage is high, Trainers are unable to enter the queue to find a GO Battle League match and then receive the “Error finding match” notification.
Issue status: Resolved one main root cause for this issue. We are continuing to monitor reports.

When GO Battle League matchmaking fails, Trainers are sometimes put into a bad state
Issue description: When GO Battle League matchmaking is unsuccessful, Trainers are occasionally put into a state in which the encounter background is shown every few seconds in the game.
Workaround: You can battle a Friend to resolve this issue, or wait ~10 minutes at which point the issue will resolve itself.
Issue status: Investigating
Incorrect Pokémon asset is sometimes shown during battle
Issue description: If a Trainer switches to another Pokémon just as their first Pokémon faints, the Pokémon swapped in may appear as a different Pokémon. The typing information on the top of the screen is still shown correctly.
Issue status: Resolved in upcoming release (0.207)
Fast Attacks are inconsistently thrown when opponent throws Charged Attack
Issue description
: Fast Attacks sometimes inconsistently  land on your opponent’s Pokémon just as your opponent uses a Charged Attack.
Issue status: Investigating
Charged Attack button does not work when tapped
Issue description: Occasionally, the Charged Attack button will not work when tapped and the Charged Attack will not fire immediately.
Issue status: Investigating
Charged Attack and Switch buttons disappear
Issue description: The Charged Attack and Switch buttons occasionally disappear and the Trainer is unable to attack or take any actions in battle.
Issue status: Investigating

Source: Official Pokémon GO support page

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