Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour featuring Abra

Image provided by Bulbapedia

Abra Spotlight Hour 08/06/2021 6pm Local Time

Yesterday’s community day will still be fresh in the memories of many trainers, but a new week brings new excitement to Pokemon Go. This week’s Spotlight Hour will bring us Abra along with a 2x candy bonus.

To prepare you for this, here are some things you should know:

  • Abra does have a shiny, but it can be easy to miss. So make sure you keep an eye out for the shiny tag on Abra’s CP bar if you’re only interested in collecting the shiny.
Image provided by AshKetchupGB
  • Just like in the original game, Abra can be a slippery one to catch. In fact it has a flee percentage of 99% according to Bulbapedia! So I would recommend using your Great Balls if you’re really looking to stock up on Abras and their candy. I would also consider using Pinap Berries if you have enough left after the community day for reasons that will be clear later in this post. Otherwise, you can use a regular Pokéball along with a Razz Berry to increase your chances of catching as many Abras as possible.
  • If you have the chance to participate in Mega Raids, Mega Slowbro will also make it’s debut on Pokémon Go and gathering enough energy to mega evolve it would yield additional candy due to being part psychic. At this time, Mega Slowbro will be your only option for additional candy through Mega Evolution.
  • A candy multiplier is really useful when 2x evolution Spotlight Hours are close.
  • In addition to all of this, Alakazam also has the potential of becoming a Mega at some point in the future. So this will be your chance to hopefully grab the perfect one!
  • Don’t forget to trade as many Abras as you can. While you still might be trying to offload your leftover Gibles from Sunday’s Community Day, Kadabra will have no evolution cost once traded, saving you a minimum of 100 Abra candy. Furthermore, if you can afford to hold on to your traded Abras for a little while longer, the Spotlight Hour at the end of the month will yield 2x XP for evolving Pokémon. This means that for 25 Abra candy, you can get 2 evolutions, netting 4,000 XP while also saving you space in your storage! The more candy you can accumulate during this Spotlight Hour, the more uses your Abras will have further down the line.

Finally, according to PVPoke, here are the rankings and IVs you’ll be looking for as far as the Go Battle League is concerned:

Great League:

#351 with Counter*, Fire Punch and Shadow Ball

#354 in the Shadow form with the same move set

Rank 1 IVs for both versions are 1/15/15

Ultra League:

#321 in the Shadow form with Counter*, Fire Punch and Shadow Ball

#324 in the regular form with the same move set

Rank 1 IVs for both versions are 0/14/15

Master League:

#157 with Counter*, Fire Punch and Shadow Ball

#165 in the Shadow Form with the same move set

Rank 1 IVs for both versions are 15/15/15 with XL being necessary for a max CP of 4962 at level 50

Moves with the * require an Elite TM to learn

Happy Hunting to all of you! Let me know how you get on or if I have forgotten anything.


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