Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour 22/06/2021 6pm Local Time- Swinub

Picture curtesy of Bulbapedia

As I can imagine, a lot of the readers of this article may well have been waiting a long time to see Swinub back in the spotlight, and with good reason to too. Mamoswine is an excellent raid Pokémon with great coverage. Also, as someone who only recently reached level 40, this is a great chance to try and stack up on some much needed XL candy.

Here are somethings you might want to consider before catching the ice/ground Pokémon:

  • Get your Abomasnow mega-evolved – The extra candy is always going to be useful, especially if you’re looking to max more than one Mamoswine
  • Following on from the previous point, while using Pinaps will speed this up, you may have to up the type of Poké Ball you’re using
  • Patience might be key, this Pokémon likes to be quite aggressive. So my tip is to wait until it is retreating from it’s attack before throwing a ball

Catching Swinub might not be your main priority, there is also the perk of 2x XP when evolving any Pokémon. This is the best time for you to evolve all the Abras I hope you saved from the Spotlight Hour a couple of weeks ago. In an ideal world, you could use the Pokéball Plus or Pokémon Go Plus in the background while evolving all your saved Pokémon manually. There is no quick way to do this, but by using a couple of lucky eggs and never coming out of the Pokémon screen, you should be able to evolve a lot of Pokémon before the hour is over. Who knows, once the hour is over, you might have some nice surprises waiting for you when you go to check what you have caught in the background (I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed).

If you have the time, it is also worth making use of the Tags feature. I always save my Caterpies, Whismurs and Wurmples under a Double XP tag to minimise the amount of time it takes. Furthermore, if you have not had the chance to prepare like this beforehand, I would also considering holding off on evolving Pokémon you have not evolved before until the next Evolving Spotlight Hour comes around. I have been holding on to my Lucky Goomy since 09/05/2021 and I am very much looking forward to evolving it today.

This brings me to my next point, weather. As someone who lives in the UK, talking about the weather is second nature to me. You’ll want to hope for either Sunny or Snowy conditions to increase the CP of the Swinubs you catch (as well as boosting the stardust you gain).

Finally, PVP. Here are the stats to look out for when appraising your Swinub:

Mamoswine is best used in the Master League, ranking 14 in the regular form and 12 in the Shadow form according to PVPoke. The IVs you’re looking for are 15/15/15 at level 50, maxing out with a CP of 3763.

Mamoswine does not get any better in the Ultra League, ranking at 158 with IVs of 0/15/13 and is even worse in the Great League, ranking at 348 with IVs of 0/15/07.

If you find that you haven’t been able to get the max IVs you were looking for, try holding on to them and trading them with friends when you get the chance. You will also get a chance to get some additional XL candy from them if you caught them over 100km apart which is far more useful than transferring them and hoping for the best.

Happy hunting and good luck.


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