Commemorative gifts now being distributed in Pokémon Café Mix in celebration of the game’s first anniversary, more details revealed about the new major update

Pokémon Café Mix is now available for download on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop. The free-to-play game is also available for iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) devices. Special in-game events are regularly taking place for players to take advantage of. A major new expansion and an overhaul of Pokémon Café Mix will be made available in fall of this year. Read on below to learn more:

“Pokémon Café Mix” 1st Anniversary! Commemorative gifts are also held

Thank you for always enjoying “Pokémon Café Mix“. With the support of everyone, “Pokémon Café Mix” was able to celebrate its 1st anniversary on June 24, 2021! We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the management staff. We have prepared a gift to commemorate the 1st anniversary! Please receive it!

Click here for gift details

As announced the other day, we are preparing for a large-scale renewal in the fall.
I will introduce the contents of the game after the renewal a little, including the screen under development.

※The image is an image.

* The game screen is under development.

The fun of collecting and raising Pokemon is even more powerful!
The color variations of staff costumes will also increase.
In addition, original costumes will appear at events.
Let’s coordinate your favorite Pokemon.

And Pokemon who have not appeared until now will also appear one after another after the renewal.
Pokemon are looking forward to seeing you all, so please wait for a while!

1st anniversary gift!
To commemorate the 1st anniversary of “Pokémon Café Mix”, we will give away 2,500 “Golden Acorns” and 25 “Tedasuke”!

[How to receive] If
you log in to the game between 15:00 on June 24th and 14:59 on July 1st, you can receive it from “Present”.

・ The holding period is subject to change without notice.

・ This item can only be received once.

Under recruitment of closed beta test participants!

“Pokémon Café Mix” is undergoing renewal development so that everyone will be more satisfied with the renewal. We are looking for participants in the closed beta test to improve the game for the official service of the renewal version.
We look forward to your participation.

Click here for details on the closed beta test

We look forward to your continued support of “Pokémon Café Mix”.

Source: Official Pokémon Café Mix website

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