Mew VMAX Deck: Probably Strongest Cards from Upcoming Fusion Strike Expansion


Mew VMAX Fusion Strike has lower 310 HP compared to other Pokemon VMAX and has -30 Fighting Resistance. Having 0 Retreat Cost makes Mew VMAX Fusion Strike easily switch it with 1 of your Benched Pokemon especially when its HP becomes low. Dark Decks such as Eternatus VMAX or Galarain Moltres V can OHKO Mew VMAX Fusion Strike due to its Dark Wekaness.

The best thing about Mew VMAX Fusion Strike is that its first attack, Cross Fusion let you use 1 of your Benched Fusion Strike Pokemon for 2 Colorless Energy. This effect is much better than Mewtwo and Mew GX Ability Perfection which you need to attach Pokemon Energy cost to use their respective attack. With Cross Fusion, Mew VMAX Fusion Strike can use 3 Energy Cost or 4 Energy Cost of other Fusion Strike Pokemon attacks with just 2 Colorless Energy. Only Fusion Strike Pokemon are used in this deck because of Cross Fusion attack.

The other attack, Max Miracle has 130 damage and this damage is not affected by any effect on your opponent’s Pokemon. 2 Psychic Energy is need to use this attack. This attack is good to counter against annyoing Pokemon like Decidueye or Altaria which have Abilities that can block damage from Pokemon V.

Its pre-evolution, Mew V Fusion Strike also processes great attacks. For 1 Psychic Energy, the first attack, Energy Mix can be used to accelerate 1 Energy from your deck to 1 of your Fusion Strike Pokemon. The other attack, Psycho Jump give you an option to shuffle Mew V Fusion Strike after dealing 70 damage to opponent’s Active Pokemon. Your Mew VMAX Fusion Strike can use this attack to shuffle it into your deck when it can be knocked out during your opponent’s turn.

Mew V Fusion Strike Mew VMAX Fusion Strike

Fusion Strike Pokemon

Many Fusion Strike Pokemon were introduced in the Fusion Strike expansion. Among them,  Genesect V, Latias and Oricorio are the best to used together with Mew VMAX. You can still you other Fusion Strike Pokemon such as Meloetta, Deoxys as alternative in your deck if you don’t have the above cards.

With Genesect V in your deck, you no longer need Crobat V. Genesect V, Ability Fusion System allows you to draw cards until total cards in your hand is equal to total no of your Fusion Strike Pokemon in play. Since you can put 6 Fusion Strike Pokemon in play, Fusion System can let you draw until you have 6 Cards in your hand. Unlike Crobat V which you need to put it on bench to use its Ability Dark Asset, Genesect V Ability can be used every turn as long as it is on the Bench or Active Spot. 

Also, Genesect V provides strongest attack for Mew VMAX. Although Genesect V, only attack Techno Blash 210 damage, the attacker can’t attack during your next turn. So, during your next turn, you need to switch your Active Mew VMAX with your Benched Mew VMAX.

Latias attack, Dynabarrier can prevent any damage from Pokemon VMAX. and has 70 damage. With this effect, your opponent’s Pokemon can’t deal any damage to Mew VMAX. So, you opponent’s either use Basic Pokemon to attack Mew VMAX or Boss’s Order Mew VMAX with 1 of your Benched Pokemon. Either way, this way definitely disrupt your opponent strategy of using Pokemon VMAX.

Oricorio is mainly here for its Ability, Ferven Lesson. This Ability reduces damage done on Fusion Strike Pokemon by 20. It is definitely good to have some damage compensate for Mew VMAX low HP. Oricorio attack, Passionate Drop might come in handy when you want to knock out or lower HP to your opponent’s Benched Pokemon.Passionate Drop allows you to 5 damage counters on your opponent’s Pokemon in any way you like

Genesect Fusion Strike Litias Fusion Strike Oricorio Fusion Strike

Energy Setup 

Elesa’s Sparkle let you accelerate Fusion Energy for 2 of your Fusion Strike Pokemon. You can attach 1 Fusion Energy for each of your Mew VMAX using Elesa’s Sparkle. Fusion Energy not only provides every type of Energy [1 Energy at a time] also prevent your opponent’s Abilities from affection to your Fusion Strike Pokemon with it attached.

Elesa's Sparkle Fusion Energy

Useful Trainers

Peony works great with Genesect V. Because this suppoerter let you discard your entire hand and search for 2 Trainers. If you find 2 Items using Peony and used on the spot, you can draw extra 6 cards using Genesect V. You can take advantage of this effect to find identical Fusion Strike Items like 2 Cross Fusion or 2 Power Tablets. 

Cross Switch let you switch both your Active Pokemon and your opponent’s Active with 1 respective Benched Pokemon. In other words, it works the same way as Guzma from old expansion. But, you need to play 2 Cross Switch at the same time to apply this effect. With Peony, it won’t be difficult to find 2 Cross Switch and use those 2 Items together.

Use Power Tablets is a great way to boost Mew VMAX damage. Each Power Tablets provides extra 30 damage to Mew VMAX attack. 2 Power Tablets can be found using Peony and Mew VMAX with 270 damage if it use Genesect V attack.

Peony Cross Switcher Power Tablets

Deck List [Standard D]

Pokemon – 14

  • 4 Mew V Fusion Strike
  • 4 Mew VMAX Fusion Strike
  • 3 Gensect V Fusion Strike
  • 1 Latias Fusion Strike
  • 1 Oricorio Fusion Strike
  • 1 Pumpkaboo [Evolving Skies]

Supporter – 11

  • 4 Marnie
  • 3 Peony
  • 2 Elesa’s Sparkle 
  • 2 Boss’s Order

Items – 22

  • 4 Quick Ball
  • 3 Fog Crystal
  • 2 Evolution Incense
  • 4 Power Tablets 
  • 4 Cross Switch
  • 2 Air Balloon
  • 2 Vitality Band
  • 1 Ordinary Rod

Stadium – 3

  • 3 Old Cemetary

Energy – 10

  • 4 Fusion Energy
  • 2 Caputure Energy
  • 4 Psychic Energy

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