Pokémon Café Mix will undergo maintenance from October 25 at 02:00 UTC to October 28 when Pokémon Café ReMix will be released

Pokémon Café Mix, the touch-based puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, is getting a revamp, along with a new name—Pokémon Café ReMix. Updates will include new puzzle elements, more Pokémon, new dress-up options, and more ways of growing and developing staff Pokémon. Read on below to learn more:

Information about renewal to “Pokemaze”

Thank you for always enjoying “Pokémon Café Mix”.
The scheduled reopening date, which we have announced before, has been decided on October 28th (Thursday).

After the reopening, the title will be “Welcome! It will be “Pokemon Cafe ~ Maze Maze Puzzle ~” (commonly known as “Poke Maze”). From now on, please continue to support us under the nickname of “Pokemaze”.

This time, we would like to introduce the main changes in the renewal.
In addition, we will also introduce the results of the “closed beta test” with the cooperation of players in Japan in July.

First, I would like to explain the points that we focused on when renewing.
The purpose is to make the content enjoyable for more players. Therefore, the issues immediately after the start of the service have been organized as follows.

① Make the purpose and goal of the game easy to understand ——Collect a
lot of Pokemon with
puzzles——Grow your favorite Pokemon with puzzles
We reviewed the flow of the game so that you can proceed with the game toward the above purpose. rice field.

(2) Make a comfortable puzzle that can be enjoyed by a wide range of players We have
reviewed the clearing conditions and added new elements to adjust the overall difficulty level so that anyone, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, can enjoy it. 

[Change point ①]

The flow of the game will change dramatically!

① When you get along with Pokemon in a puzzle, Pokemon becomes a
staff member ② Staff Pokemon grow up and develop a
new menu ③ Hear the rumors of the new menu, and new Pokemon that have never come to the store will come to the store

* Clearing the puzzle will increase your friendship with the customer Pokemon, and when the friendship is full, you will become a staff member.

① Select the customer Pokemon you want to entertain and clear the puzzle. When you cook delicious food and get to know each other, Pokemon will become a staff member of the cafe!

② Develop a new menu with staff Pokemon! Menu development is also a puzzle!

③ I hope new Pokemon will come to the cafe after hearing the rumors about the new menu! Let’s increase the number of staff and make it a nice cafe full of Pokemon.

[Change point 2]

Four new modes for puzzles!

1) Pokemon visit mode (main order)

It is a mode to cook dishes with puzzles for Pokemon customers who come to the store.
After the renewal, you will be able to select Pokemon to entertain.

The player who is the store manager selects the Pokemon that he / she wants to entertain directly from the customer Pokemon that are visiting the store. The selectable Pokemon can be replaced by using a gold acorn.
In addition, there will be additional elements such as a “large serving” that will add friendliness when the order is cleared, and an “additional order” that will allow you to entertain the same Pokemon in the next order.

Choose a Pokemon that suits your purpose, such as wanting to quickly turn your favorite Pokemon into a staff member or acquiring a lot of growth items for a specific Pokemon.

* The current version of “Pokemon Invitation” will disappear.
* If you clear all the main orders after the renewal, you will be able to play “Master Cafe Mode” as with the current service (the main order at the time of reopening will be open up to 300). 

2) Past order mode

Even after clearing the Pokemon visit mode (main order), you can try again.
For example, even after clearing the first challenge with ☆ 1, you can try again with the aim of clearing ☆ 3. The number of ☆ of the difference obtained at the time of re-challenge will be added to the friendliness of the customer Pokemon specified at that time.

3) Menu development mode

If conditions such as staff Pokemon and the level of each Pokemon are met, you will be able to develop a new menu for the cafe.
“Menu development” is a puzzle in which Pokemon, who are involved in the conditions for devising a new menu, take on the challenge as a leader. Let’s develop a lot of menus and aim for a cafe where more Pokemon come to the store!

4) Training mode

It is a mode to play when you want to raise the level of staff Pokemon individually.
As the level of Staff Pokemon rises, puzzle capture becomes more advantageous and new menus can be developed.

5) EXTRA order mode

The previous “main order” has been moved to “extra order”, and you can play the continuation of the order that was cleared before the renewal up to order 1200. In addition, you will get a special reward when you clear up to a certain order.

The main rewards are as follows.

Order 100: Charmander  

Order 600: “Pikachu Chef” costume

Order 1200: “Lucario Chef” costume

Achievement rewards up to orders cleared before the renewal can be received immediately after the renewal.

Even with extra orders, you will be able to use the new element “Tokui gimmick” described later, so it will be easier to capture orders that were difficult until now by raising Pokemon. 

■ Puzzle has also been renewed!

1) Clearing puzzles in 3 stages!

Pokemon visit mode and training mode puzzles will be cleared in 3 stages according to the degree of achievement of the goal.
Clearing ☆ 1 is easier than previous orders, and clearing ☆ 3 is more difficult.

2) Increase the exhilaration of the puzzle! “Tokui gimmick”

“Tokui gimmick” that activates the power that is advantageous for clearing the puzzle for each Pokemon, such as “The gimmick that appears in the puzzle can be erased with one shot”, is newly added. The types of gimmicks you are good at, the number that can be erased, etc. will increase by increasing the LV of Pokemon.

3) Power up the rear support! “Megaphone” is united! !!

The rear cheering megaphone will be powered up, and up to 4 can be combined and used in one step. The orientation and power of the megaphone will change depending on the combination, so please give it a try.

4) Change of stamina system

The items consumed according to the play of the order (puzzle) will be changed from “Heart” to “Stamina”.
Stamina will always be reduced by 1 before the order starts, regardless of the success / failure of the order (puzzle).

After the renewal, we reviewed one order (puzzle) and aimed for ☆ 3, trained staff Pokemon, and played the same puzzle repeatedly, so we changed it as described above.

・ Recovery time was 30 minutes with one heart, but it will be reduced to 15 minutes with one stamina.
・ Stamina provides a means of recovery and acquisition other than the passage of time.
 —— “Genki no Kata” will be added to the item (use will not reduce stamina for a few minutes)
 ——You will be able to send and receive stamina between team members (upper limit of stamina you can receive from team members in a day) there is.) 

■ New Pokemon and costumes added!

・ A lot of events! New Pokemon are also appearing one after another! !!

After the renewal, events will be held one after another. Those Pokemon that everyone has been waiting for will come to the store more and more.

・ Large addition of dress-up

As a growth effect of Pokemon, you will be able to get different colors of staff costumes by leveling up.
In addition, costumes will be added one after another by presents at events, sales with “Premium Pass” and “Pokemon Dress Up Pack”, and you will be able to enjoy dressing up your favorite Pokemon more than ever.

[Report of closed beta test results]
Finally, we have reported a part of the results of the closed beta test (hereinafter referred to as CBT) for renewal, which was conducted only for applicants of players in Japan in July. increase.

Thank you again to all the players who participated in CBT. The development team thankfully saw the results of the questionnaire and used the play data as a reference. 

(1) How did the beta version feel different from before? (Overall satisfaction)

First of all, regarding the overall renewal content, about 77% of the total of “good” and “somewhat good” evaluated “CBT is better”.

Furthermore, when we narrowed down the responses to those with a main order progress of 300 or less in “Pokémon Café Mix”, 90% or more of them evaluated that “CBT is better” .

In addition, the majority of the respondents who answered that “it is better so far” were opinions about the change to “stamina system”.

We will change to the stamina system for the reasons mentioned above, but in response to your opinion , stamina will match the flow of the new game, such as sending stamina between team members that was not available at CBT. Increase the means of obtaining. 

(2) Impressions of play results and individual modification functions 

・ 64% of participating players have cleared all main orders (order 150) provided by CBT.
It was necessary to continue playing on a daily basis within a short period of two weeks, but I was able to realize once again that many players enjoyed it enthusiastically.

We will also introduce the results of the questionnaire and opinions on tutorials that affect the motivation to continue and the flow and specifications of new games. 

・ About the tutorial

The tutorials on the operation explanation and play explanation at the start of the game have also been greatly revised and remade to make it easier to understand the model play.

This was also highly evaluated, and I think it will be easier to recommend playing to people close to you, such as family and friends. We hope that you will expand the circle of Pokemon Cafe managers.

・ About Pokemon selection before starting Pokemon visit mode

In the past “Pokémon Café Mix”, Pokemon were lined up in front of the store, and the Pokemon who would cook the next main order was fixed. However, this was not a mechanism that was in line with the feelings of the players who wanted to get along with their favorite Pokemon quickly, so we changed it so that you can select Pokemon. I was able to realize that this was also evaluated.

・ About the exhilaration of the new element “Tokui Gimmick”

Many people find the puzzles in this game difficult, so we will add a “Tokui gimmick” to increase the experience that makes you feel more comfortable and enjoyable while playing.
As a result of asking about the exhilaration of “Tokui Gimmick”, more than 90% of the respondents evaluated it as “I felt exhilaration”.

In addition to the Tokui gimmick, the new elements of the puzzle, such as megaphone synthesis and past orders, were evaluated as “improved points” in the renewal.

On the other hand, it was pointed out by a veteran player who seems to have advanced to more than 800 main orders of the current version, “I felt inconvenienced”.

(1) The order was evaluated in three stages and the game tempo got worse. (
2) There is a stopper depending on the total number of ☆ acquired in the middle of the main order.

It was two points.

The above was the change that was the purpose of this renewal to expand and sustain the number of play users, but I realized again that it would be inconvenient for those who have already enjoyed it.

For ①, we made adjustments such as shortening the production to increase the tempo while leaving the casualness that can be easily cleared even with ☆ 1.
② will review the appropriate number of ☆.
For veteran players, we plan to set the number of ☆ to proceed smoothly in the early stages. On the other hand, for those who are just starting out, we plan to set the number of ☆ required for long-term enjoyment, such as strengthening staff Pokemon and training your own puzzle skills. 

③ Pokemon that I want you to appear in this work in the future

I was able to feel the love of Pokemon from all the players, as they requested a lot of Pokemon. Introducing the best five.

5th place Charizard

4th place Ditto

3rd place One Pachi

2nd place Jirachi

1st place Mew

First place was the phantom Pokemon, Mew.
I want to see Mew playing an active part in this work! I realized that there are so many people who think that.

So, in response to expectations, Mew will appear in “Pokemaze” right after the reopening!

As you know, Mew is a phantom Pokemon, so I thought about a little special appearance and skill. Play it and make Mew a staff member of your cafe.

This is the report on the results of CBT.
The development staff will read each of the opinions and suggestions that could not be introduced here, and we are working to improve even the smallest parts.
Even after the reopening, I would like to continue pursuing playability.

We will continue to make the game satisfying to all players who have enjoyed “Pokémon Café Mix” so far, so we hope that you will enjoy it even after the renewal to “Pokemaze”.
We also appreciate your support and cooperation so that many Pokemon Cafe managers will be born.

Source: Official Pokémon Café Mix site

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