Chances are that Jessie’s actions led to James weeping this much

She can be pretty rough sometimes.


She may no longer be with Togetic, but Misty knows it’s important to keep her chin up

Hopefully Misty and Togetic will be reunited once again in the future.

Misty doesn’t want to take her eyes off of Togetic as it goes away forever

The feeling is mutual between this tight-knit duo.

Togetic can’t take its eyes off of Misty as it floats away from her

Togetic wanted to continue holding hands with Misty, but it was time to go.

Misty holds hands with Togetic one last time before they part ways

This heartwarming moment happened after she reached out to give Togetic a final hug.

Misty hugging Togetic one last time seems even sadder from this angle

You can see the facial expressions of Ash, May, Max and even Princess Sara’s caretaker.

Ash, May, Max and even Princess Sara’s caretaker are sad to see Togetic leave Misty

For whatever reason, May appears to have taken it the hardest.