New Alolan Vulpix Points event and Torterra Holiday Tree Pack available now in Pokémon Café ReMix

Pokémon Café Mix, the touch-based puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, has received a revamp, along with a new name—Pokémon Café ReMix. Updates include new puzzle elements, more Pokémon, new dress-up options and more ways of growing and developing staff Pokémon. Read on below to learn more:

Mix the year-end and New Year holidays! 6 luxurious events are held! !!

Thank you for using “Pokemaze”.

We will hold 6 special events so that users can enjoy “Poke Maze” more during the year-end and New Year holidays! Please enjoy it.

[Part 1] Friend Vulpix Challenge (2021/12/17 ~ 2022/01/03)

The monthly event is powered up this month!

At the point event “Lost Child’s Arora Vulpix” currently being held and the team event “Friends Vulpix” to be held subsequently, the event Pokemon will be the staff, and if you clear the challenge card, the special costume “Warm Cape” will be the Arora Vulpix. You can get them at Vulpix.

Get matching outfits for your friends!

− [Point event] Lost Arora Vulpix (~ 2021/12/29 14:59)

-[Team Event] Friend Vulpix (2021/12/27 15:00 ~ 2022/01/03 14:59)

[Part 2] Year-end and New Year countdown login bonus (2021/12/29 ~ 2022/01/12)

The year-end and New Year holidays will be more fun! We will be holding a special stamp “Piplup and Waku Waku New Year 2022” to receive luxurious gifts!

For 7 days during the event, you will receive a nice gift every time you log in. On the 3rd day of login, you will receive a “Piplup HNY’22” costume!

[Part 3] Welcome! Different colors of Pokemon! (2021/12/29 ~ 2022/01/04)

It seems that different colors of Pokemon are coming to play near the cafe! The probability of visiting Pokemon in different colors will increase significantly!

Eevee and Minccino in different colors are coming to play this time. Look for Pokemon in different colors near the cafe more often than usual!

[Part 4] Leah-sensei’s training week will be held! (2021/12/29 ~ 2022/01/04)

We will be holding a training week for Dr. Leah!

For Pokemon who want to be better at cooking in order to liven up the shop, Mr. Leah will specially help with training.
During the period, all categories of Pokemon will be eligible for the daily bonus, and the “Keikenchi” that can be obtained through training will be doubled!

Take this opportunity to raise the level of the Pokemon you want to raise!

[Part 5] Pokemon’s Ongaeshi will be held! (2021/12/29 ~ 2022/01/04)

We will hold an event “Pokemon Ongaeshi”!

During the event, use “Golden Acorns” to liven up your cafe and Pokemon will give you various items as a thank you!

Why don’t you take this opportunity to use a lot of “gold acorns” and expect “Pokemon’s Ongae”?

[Part 6] Pikachu & Meowth in special costumes are now available in the shop! (2021/12/29 ~ 2022/01/12)

The shop will sell packs where you can get costumes for “Meowth HAKAMA’22” and “Pikachu HAKAMA’22”!

It’s a great set with gold acorns, so don’t miss this chance! !!

Thank you for your continued support of “Pokemaze”. All development and operation staff

Source: Official Pokémon Café ReMix site

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