Official Pokémon Activewear, new arrivals and more available now at the Pokémon Center

New apparel and clothing items are available now at the official Pokémon Center. Read on below to learn more:

Reach a whole new level of Pokémon Trainer 🏆

Enjoy activewear that merges comfort and style

Be Active

Pokémon Activewear offers breathable, durable, unique clothing so you can focus on what really matters: being your very best.

Electrify Your Workout

Get inspired to move with appealing designs and comfortable, moisture-wicking fabrics.

Move to Win

Reinvigorate your routine with electrifyingly stylish activewear that makes being active easier than ever before.

Zip Up and Go

No matter where life takes you, stay warm with stylish cotton zip-up hoodies featuring Pikachu.

Team Comfort

Whether you’re working out or hanging out, Pokémon Active’s unique pieces in soft, breathable fabrics are the perfect uniform.

Team Style

Add a bolt of style with unique clothing that’s comfortable enough for any occasion.

New Arrivals

Start off your new year with a bang with the latest electrifyingly stylish activewear in breathable fabrics made for movement.


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