Pokémon GO players can now manage their identity, Friends List and more with the Niantic Profile web portal

Pokémon GO players can now manage your identity, Friends List and more with the Niantic Profile web portal. Read on below to learn more:

Revamping Niantic Profile: Manage your Niantic ID

At Niantic, the spirit of community and making friends are core to the game experience. We first introduced Niantic ID – your unique identity across all Niantic Games and experiences – in November 2021 with a reservation period allowing players to lock in a username they already own in one of our games. This process ensured that anyone that loved one of their existing usernames would have top priority in claiming that Niantic ID. Today, we are excited to introduce the Niantic Profile web portal at https://my.nianticlabs.com, where you can create, update, and fully manage this Niantic ID and more!

What can I do in the Niantic Profile web portal?

  • Create and manage your Niantic ID: Claim any Niantic ID you like as long as it hasn’t already been claimed by someone else. All accounts will also be provided a one-time Niantic ID change. If you participated in the November 2021 reservation process, this is also the best way to confirm the Niantic ID you successfully reserved.
  • Access your Niantic Friends list: See and manage all of your Niantic Friends in one place and easily view their Niantic Profiles.
  • Customize your profile: Manage your photo, display name, game connections, and visibility settings

The Niantic Profile web portal is the first step in our mission to make it easier than ever to manage your identity across Niantic games and the friendships you form through them. Over the coming months, we will be replacing the existing Niantic Profile within our games with the profile that you see in the web portal. These updates will take some time to fully roll out to all of our games, and we’ll be working quickly to unify these different elements. As a first step, we will be connecting your Wayfarer profile with your Niantic ID in the next few weeks. 

As Niantic builds new features, we will continue prioritizing player privacy across our games and products. In that spirit, we’ve defaulted your game profile visibility settings to match existing in-game Niantic profile settings wherever possible. For more information about game profile visibility and Niantic profile web portal, visit our help center.

— The Niantic Identity, Trust, and Support Team

Source: Official Niantic blog

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