2022 Oscars: The Pokémon Company creates acceptance speech on behalf of Ash from the Pokémon anime

Young Ash Ketchum has been on a quest to become a Pokémon Master for some time now, and during his journey, he’s caught and trained dozens of Pokémon, faced many Trainers and competed in multiple regional Pokémon League tournaments. Now, he may not have actually won many of those League competitions so far, but he’s surely learned a bit about perseverance.

In his first League battle, Ash sent Charizard into the ring but it didn’t pay off

Ash’s Johto journey culminates in his battle against Harrison in the Silver Conference

Tyson’s Meowth took on Ash’s Pikachu in the final round of their battle at the Ever Grande Conference

Tobias’ Darkrai made quick work of Ash’s team before Sceptile took it down at the Lily of the Valley Conference

Cameron had a stroke of luck when his Riolu evolved into Lucario but that didn’t stop Ash’s team from battling their best during the Unova league

Final match of the Kalos League was intense with non-stop action and both Pokémon teams being evenly matched

Source: Pokemon.com

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