2022 Graduation Pikachu, new commemorative Pokémon plush, figures, pins and more available now at the official Pokémon Center

The official Graduation Pikachu Collection at the Pokémon Center is being re-promoted for graduates of 2022! Read on below to learn more:

2022 Graduation Pikachu Arrives at the Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center offers an education in how to party—with everything you need to fête your graduate.

Pikachu and the Pokémon Center offer a master class in celebrating the graduate in your life with the Graduation Pikachu 2022 line. Whether you’re a graduate looking for a well-earned treat after all your hard work or want to express your pride in the scholar in your life, the Pokémon Center has you covered.

Pin your hopes on the future with festive pins featuring Pikachu in a jaunty cap and gown. Or, if you’re looking for a larger Pokémon graduation buddy, give the gift of Pikachu with a sculpted figure or Poké Plush that’s proudly bedecked in its graduation finest. Looking for something stylish but a little more subtle? Wear your achievement everywhere you go with tasteful graduation pendant necklaces.

On a more practical but equally thoughtful note, keep your graduate well hydrated with a precious Pikachu ceramic mug. And last but certainly not least, take the time to express your appreciation to everyone who’s helped you along the way with elegant Thank You cards.

Party with the Pokémon Center’s entire Graduation Pikachu 2022 line.

Celebrate the Class of 2022! 🎓

Celebrate the graduate in your life with fun and thoughtful gifts and other graduation necessities.

Graduate with Pikachu

Celebrate the joy of graduation with a matching Pikachu plush. With a diploma in hand, Pikachu’s ready to party!

Pomp and Pikachu

Capture the pageantry and pride of a graduation ceremony with a Pikachu figure. Wearing the iconic cap and gown, Pikachu is the perfect reminder of your graduate’s accomplishments—even after the ceremony is over.

Congratulate with Collectibles

Pin your hopes on a bright future with chic pins displayed in thoughtfully-themed packaging.

Bright Future, Brilliant Jewelry

Gift your graduate a memento they’ll treasure forever. The Pokémon Center’s pendant necklaces offer a playful, yet stylish, nod to your scholar’s achievements.

Let the Celebration Commence

Get everything you need to celebrate your graduate at the Pokémon Center. From elegant thank-you notes to cute mugs, the Pokémon Center’s got you covered!

Source: Pokemon.com

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