Official Pokémon themed Galaxy Z Flip3 phone from Samsung will be released this month in South Korea, new details will be revealed later this week

The Pokémon Company has teamed up with Samsung to create and release and official Pokémon-themed Galaxy Z Flip3 phone! The special phone will be released as early as this month in South Korea, with additional details coming later this week. Read on below to learn more:

Galaxy Z Flip3 Pokemon Edition

Be the first to meet the Galaxy Z Flip3, which has become even more special through the greatest collaboration ever!

  • This event is an exclusive online event and has nothing to do with Samsung Electronics offline stores.
  • The contents of this event may be changed or suspended without notice depending on our circumstances.
  • Actual product may differ from the image above, and components may be changed due to our circumstances.
  • MMS is sent to the number entered only to customers who have agreed to receive advertising information through the notification application pop-up.
  • Event related inquiries: Customer Center 1588-6084


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