The fourth episode of POKÉTOON, “Wait for Me, Magikarp!,” is now available to watch via Pokémon TV

The POKÉTOON animated shorts are officially being localized by The Pokémon Company International. Read on below to learn more:

POKÉTOON Episode 4 Is Available Now on Pokémon TV

Magikarp is looking for true friendship in “Wait for Me, Magikarp!,” the fourth episode in this collection of animated shorts.

Episode 4 of POKÉTOON is now available to watch on Pokémon TV. Titled “Wait for Me, Magikarp!,” this episode follows a loyal Magikarp who wants nothing more than to make a friend. If you end up with a tear in your eye, feel free to blame it on an errant Splash attack.

POKÉTOON features eight animated shorts, each telling a different story and showcasing a unique art style. A new episode will debut on Pokémon TV every Friday. You can catch the first four episodes now on or the Pokémon TV mobile app. The Pokémon TV app is now available for Nintendo Switch, as well!


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