Pokémon Shuffle on Nintendo 3DS will no longer be supported as of March 31, 2023, daily login and obtaining Event Stage data will no longer be possible, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile services will still be available on iOS and Android

Pokémon Shuffle on Nintendo 3DS is officially terminating service. Read on below to learn more:

“Poke Take (3DS version)” Notice of service termination of some functions

Dear Customer,

Thank you for always enjoying “Poke Toru”.
End of Nintendo 3DS series “Nintendo eShop” service. Along with this, some functions of “Poke toru (3DS version)” will be terminated in late March 2023.

* All services are still available in the “Poke-taking smartphone version” currently being distributed on the App Store and Google Play.

“Poke Take (3DS version)” service end schedule and functions that can not be used

March 28, 2023 (Tuesday) 9:00 (Japan time)
Functions that will not be available due to the termination of the “Nintendo eShop” service

・New download of “Poke Toru” *1
・Purchase of Hoseki *2 *3

  • ※1 You can continue to play “Poke Take” that has already been downloaded.
    You can also play the game by re-downloading the software.
    In the future, the re-download service will be terminated by Nintendo. Please check the Nintendo website for details.
  • ※2 You can continue to use your purchased Hoseki and earned coins/items in-game.
  • ※3 We are unable to provide refunds for already-purchased Hoseki.

March 31, 2023 (Friday) 14:59 (Japan time)
Functions that will not be available in “Poke Take (3DS version)”

Check-in * 4
Ranking stage * 4

  • ※4 You will not be able to receive login bonuses, monthly Pikachu, or obtain event stage data.
    For the event stages, excluding the ranking stage, you can play the weekly stages after April 2023 by checking in once before the service ends.
    After the check-in service ends, if you change the date and time settings of the main unit or change the date and time settings due to the main unit running out of battery, etc., you will not be able to play the event stage.

that’s all

Source: pokemon.co.jp

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