Everything you need to know about Mew, its Synchronize Ability, its moves, its Mystical Mirage Unite Move and more in Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is continuing to add new content, including new playable characters and in-game items, on a regular basis. Read on below to learn more:


Explore Aeos Island with the New Species Pokémon, Mew, now available to join your team in Pokémon UNITE. This mystical Ranged Attacker can be acquired without spending Aeos coins or Aeos gems by participating in a special in-game Mew event, Mew’s Mural Challenge, starting September 2, 2022.

Earn points by logging in, participating in and winning battles, and doing other in-game activities to collect all six mural fragments and unlock Mew’s Unite license. This special event ends October 12, 2022, at which point Mew’s Unite license will be available in the Unite Battle Committee shop for 12,000 Aeos coins. Players will not be able to obtain Mew’s Unite license at the Unite Battle Committee shop during the event, but they will be able to use Aeos gems to progress through Mew’s Mural Challenge more quickly.


Each time Mew uses a move, it gains a boost counter. A maximum of three counters can be stored. After three boost counters are stored, Mew’s next basic attack becomes a boosted attack that consumes all boost counters and launches a ball of psychic energy at an opposing Pokémon. The further the ball of psychic energy travels, the more damage it deals.

Mew’s Ability, Synchronize, increases the movement speed of both Mew and nearby ally Pokémon for a short time each time Mew uses a move. When Mew reaches Lv. 5, the Move Reset icon can be used to reset Mew’s moves and learn new ones. This icon goes on cooldown after it is used. Each time Mew knocks out or makes an assist on a Pokémon on the opposing team or scores a goal, the cooldown of Move Reset is reduced. Using Move Reset reduces the cooldown of Mew’s Unite Move.


Electro Ball

Mew hurls an electric orb, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and leaving them paralyzed for a short time. Electro Ball deals more damage the lower the opposing Pokémon’s remaining HP is.

Electro Ball can be upgraded to strengthen the effect of the paralysis it inflicts.

Solar Beam

Mew blasts a bundled beam of light, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect. If Solar Beam hits any opposing Pokémon, Mew gains one additional boost counter.

Solar Beam can be upgraded to reduce its cooldown by one second for each opposing Pokémon it hits.


Mew charges forward on a wave, shoving opposing Pokémon and leaving them unable to act. If Surf hits any opposing Pokémon, Mew gains one additional boost counter. Mew gains a shield and becomes immune to hindrances while using Surf. At the end of Surf, Mew can jump in a designated direction and becomes immune to hindrances for a short time.

Surf can be upgraded to strengthen the effect of the shield granted while using it.



Mew moves toward an ally Pokémon, grants that Pokémon a shield, and increases that Pokémon’s basic attack speed. Using Coaching on an ally Pokémon designates that ally as “coached” (if it isn’t already). If Coaching is used on an ally Pokémon that is not currently coached, Coaching’s cooldown immediately resets. Coached ally Pokémon cease to be coached after a set amount of time. The cooldown of Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf is reduced each time Coaching is used.

Coaching can be upgraded to reduce its cooldown. This upgrade also reduces the waiting time before Coaching can be used on a recently coached ally Pokémon again without triggering its cooldown.

Light Screen

Mew creates a translucent wall at the designated location. Opposing Pokémon cannot pass through the wall and will be shoved if they make contact with it. If Mew’s Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf move passes through the wall, the effects of the move (such as damage, range, and area of effect) will be boosted. If Light Screen is used again, it pulls the wall closer and has it move with Mew. While the wall moves with Mew, attacks from opposing Pokémon that pass through it will deal reduced damage.

Light Screen can be upgraded to increase the size of the wall.


Mew moves quickly in a designated direction, increasing its movement speed for a short time. A maximum of two uses can be kept in reserve for Agility.

Agility can be upgraded to increase the distance that Mew moves in the designated direction.

LV. 5

Move Reset

Mew can reset all of its moves and learn new ones. Move Reset’s cooldown is reduced when Mew knocks out or makes an assist on Pokémon on the opposing team or when Mew scores a goal.


Mew floats higher, creates a field at its current location, and becomes invincible. Mew and all ally Pokémon in the area of effect enter stealth. After a set amount of time passes, Mystical Mirage deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect.


Mew is a powerful Ranged Attacker with the unique flexibility of having both powerful offense-focused and powerful support-focused moves. Whether Mew is using Electro Ball or Solar Beam, either move can do enough damage to knock out enemy Pokémon—and when either of these moves is paired with Light Screen or Agility, Mew can chase down just about any Pokémon in the game. Meanwhile, Coaching allows Mew to directly raise allies’ power, making it a powerful support Pokémon in addition to a strong Attacker.

Strong Against: Tyranitar

Tyranitar is one of the strongest All-Rounders in Pokémon UNITE, with decent mobility and high damage, but Mew has plenty of tools for dancing around it. Mew’s Electro Ball and Solar Beam both deal significant damage to Tyranitar from a safe distance. Mew’s Light Screen and Agility are also key in maintaining space between the two Pokémon, allowing Mew to deal damage safely. Plenty of Pokémon have a range advantage over Tyranitar, but Mew has that extra bit of mobility and utility that makes it suitable for countering the tyrant of Aeos Island.

Weak Against: Absol

Mew is strong and mobile, but it can easily be taken out of a fight by Pokémon that can quickly deal high amounts of damage. Absol’s Night Slash and Psycho Cut combo is exceptional at cutting any Attacker down to size—and Mew is no exception. Absol doesn’t lock Mew out of making an impact on the game, but it does put significant pressure on Mew to maintain safe positioning.

Mew Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

Mew is the newest Ranged Attacker to join the fun in Pokémon UNITE on September 2!

Get more UNITE details here: https://bit.ly/3gujGug

Stay up-to-date with the official Pokémon UNITE Twitter account: https://bit.ly/3gxGLMY

【公式】『Pokémon UNITE(ポケモンユナイト)』ミュウが登場!



『ポケモンユナイト』は、Nintendo Switchとスマートフォンで好評配信中!

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