Pokémon Café ReMix is getting a major new 3.50.0 update next month to implement an enhanced Delivery feature, new Outfit grade system, new Orders and much more

Pokémon Café Mix, the touch-based puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, has received a revamp, along with a new name—Pokémon Café ReMix. Updates include new puzzle elements, more Pokémon, new dress-up options and more ways of growing and developing staff Pokémon. Read on below to learn more:

Renewal 1st anniversary! Notice about 3.50.0 update


Renewal 1st anniversary! Notice about 3.50.0 update

Thank you for always using “Poke Maze”.

On October 28, 2022, “Poke Maze” will celebrate its first anniversary!
From the renewal until now, we were able to celebrate the first anniversary like this with the support of users all over the world. Thank you very much to all the management team. thank you very much!

To express our gratitude, we are planning to hold a big update and “Poke Mix Festival” on the 1st anniversary of the renewal. Enjoy! !

[Commemorative contents appear one after another! ]

“Kisekae Grade” will appear, which will power up your stats when you get a Kisekae or Pokemon multiple times!
Also, by raising the Kisekae grade to a certain level, you will be able to learn new abilities such as “Sudden Skill” and “Gimmick Score++”. You will be able to play puzzles more effectively and enjoyably, so please try the Kisekae grade.

◇About dress-up grade
・Obtain dress-up and Pokemon multiple times.
・You can learn new abilities by increasing the Kisekae grade.
・Kisekae grade can be upgraded up to 4 levels.


◇Abilities that can be learned with
Kisekae grades All the new abilities that can be learned with Kisekae upgrades are powerful.
This time we will introduce some of them.


・Puzzle score
    upPuzzle score goes up for each grade.

    ・A skill piece will appear from the start of a skill puzzle.

・ Gimmick Score ++
    You can get a lot of scores when you erase a specific gimmick during puzzle play.
    * The target gimmick differs for each Pokemon.


Please check the Pokemon list in the game to see what abilities each Pokemon will acquire.


◇Regarding the frequency of distribution of the main order In order
to focus on creating events and puzzles where various Pokémon can play an active role, we will adjust the update frequency of the main order as follows.


Now: Update 25 orders
every week Future: Update 25 orders every other week


*According to the update frequency change, the total number of ☆ master points and points earned have changed.

We will do our best to make sure that customers can enjoy various events and
puzzles other than the main order, so please continue to support us.

The delivery lineup has changed significantly!

“Various tarts”, “cooking notes”, and “dress-up pieces” will be abolished from the delivery lineup, and Pokemon or dress-up “only” will appear!
It will be easier than ever to obtain and use Pokemon and costumes as staff, so please enjoy the new delivery.

In addition, Pokemon that are scheduled to visit the store with menu items will also appear in the delivery, making it easier to upgrade the dress-up grade. Also, some cookies that could only be obtained through delivery can now be obtained at the cookie shop, making it easier to unlock the level cap.

◇ Details of change in
delivery lineup The lineup that appears in delivery will only be Pokemon or Kisekae.
Until now, the Kisekae piece, which had been obtained by collecting 5 pieces, will be abolished, and instead, the Kisekae will appear from the delivery.
Pokemon scheduled to visit the cafe with menu items will also appear in delivery.
When Pokemon or Kisekae overlap, the Kisekae grade will increase. Cookies will no longer be obtained when Pokemon and some cookies are duplicated.
In the delivery, if the Kisekae grade reaches the maximum and overlaps, it will be converted to delivery points.
Some Pokemon cookies will be available in a dedicated exchange shop. *Thank you cookies are required for exchange.


The number of Kisekae pieces you have will be converted as follows.
・Owning 1/5 of the Kisekae pieces will be converted to Kisekae.
・Own 2/5 of the Kisekae pieces → Converted to Grade 1 Kisekae.
・Own 3/5 of the Kisekae pieces → Converted to Grade 2 Kisekae.
・Own 4/5 Kisekae pieces → Converted to Grade 3 Kisekae.
・If you have a Kisekae, it will be converted to a Grade 4 Kisekae.
“Various tarts” and “cooking notes” that have appeared from delivery so far will be provided as rewards for events.

◇ Notice of maintenance due to change in delivery lineup
Due to delivery renovations, delivery maintenance will be performed during the following period.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that you will not be able to play Delivery during the period.


Delivery maintenance period: 2022/10/27 15:00 to 10/28 14:59


* Functions other than delivery can be played during the maintenance period.
*If there is a delivery in progress as of 2022/10/27 15:00, it will be automatically canceled, and instead, a one-time express ticket will be sent to your present box after updating to 3.50.0.
*As a known bug, we have confirmed that if you have a Pokemon Confirmation Ticket, you can move to the delivery screen and use the Pokemon Confirmation Ticket even during the above period. In addition, the correct probability and acquired items will be applied.


[“Poke Maze Festival” will be held to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the renewal! ! ]

Various events will be held as “Poke Mix Festival” from 2022/10/28 15:00!
There are lots of events where you can get various rewards, such as a special stamp where you can get a 10+1 rush ticket, and a challenge where you can get a total of 30,000 golden acorns!
In addition, new legendary Pokemon are scheduled to visit the store, so please look forward to it! !

From now on, we will continue to improve and develop the cafe so that everyone can enjoy the cafe life with “Poke Maze”.
Thank you for your continued support of “Poke Maze”.

All the development and operation staff

Source: Official Pokémon Café ReMix website

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