Close look at the beauty of the Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery

Read on below to learn more about a new Pokémon TCG expansion:

Discover the Beauty of the Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery

From tender moments to dramatic performances, the latest expansion’s Galarian Gallery tells a story with every card.

Every Pokémon TCG card offers a fresh perspective on the Pokémon world and the Pokémon who make that world the fun, magical place we’ve come to know and love. The Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith expansion’s Galarian Gallery takes the stunning artwork fans have come to expect to a whole new level with an incredible degree of detail, an elaborate nine-card art montage, and artwork that’s impossible to forget. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the cards you can find in the Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith Galarian Gallery. And if you’re wondering how to identify cards from the Galarian Gallery within the expansion, simply look for cards labeled GG01 to GG70.



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Kricketune is giving a concert, and everyone is invited! The impromptu nature of the performance should come as no surprise—the Cricket Pokémon is known for its power to compose melodies ad lib. Illustrator Nurikabe has captured a magical moment as Kricketune serenades a host of Pokémon friends, including Shroomish, Stufful, Emolga, Wooloo, and Komala. And judging by the fact that some of Kricketune’s audience is dozing comfortably, it’s playing a soothing lullaby. It’s touching to see this Pokémon celebrated as it makes the most of its moment in the spotlight—or, in this case, the gentle park lamplight.  



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Speaking of serving up an unforgettable performance, this Baile Style Oricorio’s dramatic pose makes it likely that a fiery attack is soon to be unleashed. The Dancing Pokémon is inherently a flamboyant figure, requiring a bold artistic style to do justice to its colorful personality. Fortunately, Tomokazu Komiya is more than up to the task. The artist’s characteristic exaggerated features and proportions and dynamic patchwork of colors and shapes highlight the fire within Oricorio.



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Try not to get dizzy as you take in the many details of illustrator Scav’s depiction of Deoxys seemingly barrel rolling across the sky. It’s difficult to tell up from down in this image; it’s pure, delightful chaos as a Fan of Waves, Echoing Horn, Urn of Vitality, and other assorted Items tumble around the Pokémon. Scav’s use of vivid colors add to the drama of the scene, and you can’t help but wonder how the events will play out.



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Illustrator NC Empire’s Thievul silently stalking its opponent across a dramatic cityscape embodies a new artistic style: Pokémon noir. The stark lighting and limited color palette—which just happens to perfectly match the Fox Pokémon’s dramatic coloring—could be straight out of the coolest comic book you’ve ever read.



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Have you ever had one of those days where you’re minding your own business, flying through town, and you suddenly find yourself tangled up in a clothesline? We’ve all been there, so there’s no reason for Latias to feel embarrassed about its predicament. And despite the slapstick nature of the Eon Pokémon’s laundry debacle, illustrator Teeziro’s art is, as always, stunning. Details like the sunlight filtering through the clothing still drying on the line help draw the viewer into the image, evoking the warmth of the sun on your face and the comforting scent of freshly washed duds.



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Ditto is known for appearing where it’s least expected. In artist Miki Tanaka’s hands, that makes for a notably comedic moment that stands out in an expansion overflowing with fun. You might be forgiven for thinking someone got confused when naming this card: It seemingly portrays a herd of rotund Numel. But if you look very carefully at each Pokémon, you might find one Numel that isn’t quite like the others. Expert Trainers may recall that sometimes when Ditto transforms, its eyes and mouth remain the same. Let that be your clue.

The Big Picture


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If a single picture is worth a thousand words, the cleverness and beauty of combining nine individual cards into a single montage warrants an entire novel. Individually, each image—including Mareep’s joyful leap amidst flowers, Poochyena’s playful expression, and Swablu’s graceful flight—is a thoughtful work of art. But put them all together, and you get a breathtaking ode to Pokémon and nature.

Leafeon VSTAR


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Jiro Sasumo’s Leafeon VSTAR illustration evokes the abundance and splendor of spring as its subject rests contentedly in a conservatory that is #gardeninggoals. It’s impossible not to imagine the fragrance of lilac, jasmine, and lily of the valley when looking at this richly detailed image. Sasumo has captured the Verdant Pokémon’s undeniable connection to plants—a relationship rooted in its very DNA.

Zamazenta V

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Artist Haru Akasaka has created a colorful wonderland for the Legendary Warrior Pokémon in its Crowned Shield form. Against a background that more closely resembles a psychedelic art canvas than forest, Zamazenta radiates stoicism and strength that are strongly echoed in the name of its Ability, Regal Stance. You could spend hours staring at this card’s splashes of crimson, violet, and magenta and still discover new details.

Regigigas VSTAR

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Regigigas VSTAR has the weight of the world on its shoulders, and the Colossal Pokémon has never looked better. Illustrator Aya Kusube has turned a Pokédex entry about it towing continents with ropes into a heroic image that would look at home in an epic children’s book adventure. Kusube is known for embracing a limited color palette which, combined with an illustrative style featuring lots of linework, gives her work a picture-book feel that brings the story of each Pokémon to life.

These are just a few of the incredible cards you’ll find in the Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith expansion’s Galarian Gallery. Check out the expansion to discover more cards and find your own favorites!

Source: The Pokémon Company International


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