Professor Friede and Captain Pikachu will assist and battle alongside Liko and Roy in the new Pokémon animated series

A new episodic animated Pokémon adventure has been announced by The Pokémon Company. Read on below to learn more:


 Introducing Friede and His Partner, Captain Pikachu, from Next Animated Pokémon Adventure

The Pokémon Company group recently unveiled a new character named Friede and his partner Pokémon, Captain Pikachu, who will star in the recently revealed Pokémon animated series debuting around the world beginning in 2023.

Friede, a Pokémon Professor, and Captain Pikachu will assist and battle alongside the new series’ dual protagonists — Liko from the Paldea region and Roy from the Kanto region in the U.S. version of the show — on thrilling adventures across the Pokémon world while unraveling the mysteries of Liko’s pendant and Roy’s Poké Ball.

“As the Pokémon world expands and evolves, fans will be able to embark on a new journey of action, adventure and friendship through the eyes of unique characters like Friede and Captain Pikachu when the next animated series begins premiering later this year,” said Taito Okiura, vice president of marketing for The Pokémon Company International. “For 27 years, Pikachu has been synonymous with the Pokémon franchise, and we look forward to seeing this beloved Pokémon continue to have a significant presence in the animated series and remain an icon for the brand.”

More details regarding the upcoming Pokémon animated series will be announced in the future. In the meantime, fans can watch a new batch of episodes from “Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series” that premiered today exclusively on Netflix in the U.S. and feature some of the final moments of Ash and his Pikachu’s journey. The latest “Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series” trailer can be found on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

An All-New Pokémon Series Is Coming

A brand-new Pokémon series has been announced! Join two new characters and three Paldea starter Pokémon as they adventure through the exciting world of Pokémon!



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