Can’t help but feel bad for poor Minccino in POKÉTOON

The POKÉTOON animated shorts have officially been localized by The Pokémon Company International. Read on below to learn more:

Help! I’ve Turned into a Gengar 👻 | POKÉTOON Shorts

A dare goes awry when a young girl and her friends explore a “haunted” staircase at their school! Spooky adventures await in this POKÉTOON short, “Help! I’ve Turned into a Gengar!”

The Pancham Who Wants to Be a Hero 💪 | POKÉTOON Shorts

Hero training gets serious! Inspired by a Trainer and his Arcanine, a little Pancham with big dreams sets out to prove its strength. Cheer Pancham on through its journey in the POKÉTOON short “The Pancham Who Wants to be a Hero!”

Snorunt’s Summer Vacation ❄️ | POKÉTOON Shorts

An unexpected snowfall interrupts a hot summer day! What will three friends do when they discover the source of the flurry is a Pokémon in distress? Find out in this POKÉTOON short “Snorunt’s Summer Vacation!”

The Slugma-Powered Home 🏠 | POKÉTOON Shorts

A young girl visits her grandparents’ Pokémon-filled home and bonds with a shy Slugma! Cozy up with the POKÉTOON short “The Slugma-Powered Home!”

Jigglypuff’s Song 🎶 | POKÉTOON Shorts

A shy Jigglypuff realizes its song isn’t like the songs from other Jigglypuff. With a little help from a friend, will it be able to gain the confidence to share its song with the world? Find out in the POKÉTOON short “Jigglypuff’s Song!”

Blossom’s Dream 🌸 | POKÉTOON Shorts

Blossom has a dream: to become a Pokémon League Champion! Luckily, a chance encounter in the forest gives her an opportunity to test her mettle! Watch Blossom bloom into a full-fledged Pokémon Trainer in the POKÉTOON short “Blossom’s Dream!”

Scraggy and Mimikyu 💥 | POKÉTOON Shorts

On the hunt for some delicious Poké Beans, Scraggy runs into a peculiar Pokémon—Mimikyu! Will this unlikely duo become friends? Watch their antics in the POKÉTOON short “Scraggy and Mimikyu!”

Wait for Me, Magikarp 🧡 | POKÉTOON Shorts

A loyal Magikarp is on the hunt for a new friend. Will it find the true friendship it’s looking for? Find out in the POKÉTOON short “Wait for Me, Magikarp!”

Poor Minccino 😔 #pokemon #POKETOON



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